Since childhood we were told that what you see on TV or in the movies isn’t real, but certain movies and TV shows want to make the experience as real as possible. There are many marketing tools which help promote movies but something authentic and interactive like recreating fictional websites featured in movies and shows in real life is an awesome touch  for fans to freak out over.


Here are the top websites and movies we love exists in real life:

I Hate Sarah Marshall

This great little gem from the 2008 hit, Forgetting Sarah Marshall features the ramblings of a mad man. Peter Bretter (portrayed by Jason Segel) gives you an in-depth experience as to his struggles with trying to forget his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (portrayed by Kristen Bell).

The City of Pawnee

Parks and Recreation is one of our favourite shows and we’re so excited that the City of Pawnee got its own real-life website. The website comes complete with an impressive archive of newsletters from the biggest Pawnian, Leslie Knope (portrayed by Amy Poehler). It of course has a dedicated Lil’ Sebastian photo gallery and it wouldn’t be a Pawnee website without a run down of the latest ballot initiatives.

War of 1996

Independence Day was one of those movies every 90s kid loved. Now, 20 years later, Independence Day: Resurgence is the much-anticipated sequel which will star original cast members Jeff Goldblum as David Levinson and Bill Pullman as the US President.

To help hype you up for the upcoming movie there is a viral site dedicated to the “War of 1996”. The website provides you with all the background information you will need to prepare for the upcoming movie. The site contains many cool and futuristic features like a timeline, information videos, character backgrounds and history.

Monsters University

If you wanted to become a scaring machine then you could enrol at Monsters University. The sequel to Monsters Inc. got its own website complete with admissions links, latest campus news, etc.

Save Walter White

Remember that donation site Walt Jr/Flynn created to help raise money for his father’s lung cancer? That infamous site from Breaking Bad actually exists. If you click anywhere on the site it will redirect you to the AMC Breaking Bad page.