We have a Game of Thrones 8 release date, finally. In a new promotional trailer for the upcoming final season, we were given the Game of Thrones 8 release date along with some more exciting details.

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The Game of Thrones 8 release date is 14 April 2019. So set your Westeros calendars, to ensure you watch the first of the six episodes of the final season of this massively popular HBO show.

Here are some more exciting things, other than the Game of Thrones 8 release date, that we spotted in the latest promotional teaser, which you can check out above.

Ghosts Of The Past

The promotional teaser starts off with Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark walking through the tombs of Winterfell. As they pass certain tombs from characters that have died, specific quotes from previous seasons can be heard. The three quotes that can be heard, seem to detail the emotional struggles the Stark siblings will experience regarding Jon Snow’s true paternity.

Feathers Will Fly

One of the main things to draw your attention in the new promotional teaser, is a feather that falls at Jon Snow’s feet. This again seems to point towards Jon Snow’s bloodline. His true father, Rhaegar Targaryen used to bring his mother, Lyanna Stark exotic birds when he visited her. In a later season, we’re shown how Sansa moves a feather onto the tomb of Lyanna Stark.

All of this seems to point to Jon Snow’s bloodline, and whether Sansa Stark will accept him still. She doesn’t seem to be too bothered to help his beau, though. In a previous HBO promotional video (which you can check out below), Sansa tells Daenerys that she can have Winterfell’s help. Sansa even wears her hair in a similar style to Daenerys – something Sansa has been doing throughout the show. Whenever she aligns herself with a powerful female, she adopts her hairstyle, too.

Facing Death

The promotional teaser shows Jon, Sansa, and Arya coming face to face with their own statues, representing their own tombs.

The first thing many viewers noticed was that Jon’s statue seems to appear older than the statues of Sansa and Arya. This could just be an aesthetic issue, and doesn’t necessarily mean that Jon will outlive Sansa and Arya, but it technically could mean that.

Also, Arya’s statue is holding a sword, whereas her siblings’ statues aren’t wielding weapons. This could point to the way that Sansa dies in this final season, which could be in an epic battle. Or it could merely have been included, because of her love of weapons, especially swords.

Where Is Bran?

Another important thing to point out is that Bran is completely absent from the teaser trailer and has no statue of his own, even though he is a Stark who is currently still alive. His absence isn’t even filled with a raven or other symbol, so its a pretty big gap that is felt throughout the teaser trailer.

Could this point out to Bran outliving them all? Other fan theories have pointed to Bran not actually being a Stark anymore, having fully embraced his role as the Three-Eyed-Raven. That’s why he doesn’t get his own statue in the Stark tomb. Another theory, which is way out there, is that Bran Stark is actually the Night King. According to this theory, he traveled back in time and space to confront the Night King, to only become trapped in his body.

What do you think all of this means? Are you excited now that the Game of Thrones 8 release date has been revealed?

We will all have to wait to see what the final season of Game of Thrones will have in store for us.

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