Nothing official has been confirmed or denied, but it seems Henry Cavill might not be reprising the role of Superman. A role his been portraying since 2013 in Man of Steel. Now that his time seems to be up, the next Superman has to be cast.

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So many great actors like Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tom Welling and more have portrayed the role of Krypton’s favourite son. These are the actors we’d love to see portray the role of the next Superman.

John Boyega

Next Superman

Already proving that he can hold his own in a big franchise, John Boyega would be great to star as the next Superman. He is not only great looking, but has tremendous acting abilities that range from comedic to action to drama. We would also love to see the next Superman be a person of colour and we think this casting would be very progressively cool.

Armie Hammer

Next Superman

Once a hopeful to be the next Superman, Armie Hammer might be the best man for the job. He was set to portray Superman in George Miller’s canceled 2009 Justice League movie. He’s got that classic handsomeness going for him and he is a pretty solid actor too.

Michael B Jordan

Next Superman

After having played in a superhero franchise (he is Killmonger in Black Panther), Michael B Jordan seems like the perfect next Superman. He is a great actor, and is extremely handsome and looks powerful enough to be a Kryptonian. Again, it would be awesome if a person of colour could be selected to play the next Superman. He is also the fan favourite, with many people rooting for him to be the next Superman.

Ashton Kutcher

Next Superman

Now that he has matured out of his Dude, Where’s My Car? days, Ashton Kutcher could make for a great next Superman. He definitely has the classic good looks for Superman and we think he could make a cute Clark Kent too.

Nicolas Cage

Next Superman

Although he has almost once played Superman in Tim Burton’s ditched Superman Lives, he would still be great today. There’s nothing that Nicolas Cage can’t do, so we reckon he would make for a fantastic next Superman. If Ben Affleck can be Batman, then there’s no reason why Nicolas Cage can’t be Superman.

Who would you love to see as the next Superman? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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