The Consumer Electronics Show – or CES – has just wrapped in Las Vegas. It’s considered to be one of the best tech shows and is an anticipated start to tech-lovers’ year. Aside from awesome devices and gadgets showed off during this year’s show, there was also some weird CES 2019 tech, too.

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From smart diaper sensors to walking cars, this is the weird CES 2019 tech that was wonderfully interesting.


Everyone needs a huge, expensive machine to fold their clothes, right? The Foldimate is a really clunky machine which instantly folds your washing, but sets you back $980. It’s one of the weird CES 2019 tech that not a lot of people really need in their lives.

Diaper Sensor

Some tech that was showcased at CES 2019 literally stank, like the smart diaper sensor from Monit. It has a very simple and weird function – it detects when your baby’s diaper needs to be changed.

This smart diaper sensor is attached to a diaper and will pick up when your baby’s done a number one or number two and will send you a notification through a companion app on your smartphone. A sensor on a baby’s diaper is hardly necessary. If you’ve been around babies, you’ll know that it’s not difficult to detect when their diapers need to be changed.


Sometimes things don’t need to be drastically changed, like the way we brush our teeth. But Y-Brush wants to change the way the population cleans their teeth, with a new, weird device. The Y-Brush is a Y-shaped vibrating toothbrush. The toothbrush claims to be able to clean your teeth within seconds.

Walking Car

Forget flying cars, Hyundai believes that walking cars will be the new thing of the future. Its first walking car concept was one of the weird CES 2019 tech on display and is called the Elevate.

Sony Speaker Cup Holder

Have you ever been at a party and just wanted to insert your cup into a cup holder on your speaker? Me neither. But Sony thought it was a good idea to create an outdoor speaker that comes complete with a water-resistant cupholder.

Weird CES 2019 Tech

Self-Cleaning Litterbox

If you’re sick of scooping your cat’s poop, you can invest in a self-cleaning litterbox from LavvieBot. You can even get notifications when your cat used the litterbox, because everyone wants that kind of information in their lives.

Which weird CES 2019 tech did you find the most fascinating/bizarre? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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