Alita: Battle Angel is the new cyberpunk movie directed by Robert Rodriquez and written and produced by the legendary James Cameron. James Cameron managed to take the motion capture technology he created for Avatar and make it even better with Alita.

Director Robert Rodriquez
Cast Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connolly and Keean Johnson
Rating 16
Genre Cyberpunk
Running Time 2 Hours 2 Mins.

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The title character is portrayed by Rosa Salazar through a motion capture suit and headset, which delivered a very enchanting half-human, half-robot, Alita. She completely had us enchanted, with each of her emotions and slightest facial movements captured by cameras that were rigged around her, creating a sort of steel cage. The motion capture suit she wears has dots on it for the cameras to pick up on all her movements. The headset does the same thing, but with her face. All of this then projected the CGI Alita into the real world. Alita was cute, charming, inspiring, and completed badass. She has a huge, mechanical heart and a pure soul. Although she is a Battle Angel, she’s ultimately an uplifting character that has many different forms of strength.


The world created in Alita: Battle Angel is something you need to try to experience on the big screen, and preferably in 3D. It’s a visual delight. The movie manages to transport you to a futurist world first created by Yukito Kishiro in 1990 with the release of a manga series called Gunnm in Japanese and known as Battle Angel Alita in the English adaptation. In this future world, a sport called Motorball is a dangerous, yet wildly popular past time. People are made out of various different parts, and times are kind of tough. The main setting for the movie, Iron City is a beautiful beast to behold, and most of the scenes throughout Alita: Battle Angel were simply stunning.

Just like Motorball, the movie has an incredibly fast pace and a lot of information to digest. Alita: Battle Angel has many complex stories it tells, and it might seem overwhelming at times, and people unfamiliar with the franchise might feel a little lost. But the movie manages to pull it all off. There’s a little bit of everything in Alita: Battle Angel. It’s a sci-fi fan’s dream come true, it’s a thrilling action with incredible fight scenes, a sweet romance, and has a whole lot of heart. If anything, you’re sure to be entertained.


Alita: Battle Angel has a truly stellar cast and each character managed to progress the main plots, while also giving audiences a taste of their own backstories. Keean Johnson is Alita’s love interest, Hugo, and he delivered an incredibly diverse performance. Hollywood heavyweights like Jennifer Conolly (as Chiren), Christoph Waltz (as Dr. Dyson Iso), Mahershala Ali (as Vector), and Edward Norton (we won’t spoil it for you) are all in the new movie, and they’re awesome.


A movie like Alita: Battle Angel doesn’t come along often. It’s a true masterpiece, meticulously created over nearly two decades. It might be a bit much for casual audiences to take in, but it’s a must-see for all, and fans will probably watch it a few times at the cinemas. The story is thrilling, action-packed and has some real human themes to pull on your heartstrings. The world you’re transported to is truly awesome and we hope there’s more to come in the future for this beautiful and badass Battle Angel.

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Alita: Battle Angel Review - Another James Cameron Classic
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