Recently, news fluttered in that DC’s Birds of Prey movie will be flying into cinemas in February 2020. Along with this scheduling, another DC movie has been spotted, which has many fans excited – DC Super Pets.

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DC Super Pets is slated for cinematic release in May 2021. If you’ve never heard about these super animal companions, then here’s you’re run-down.

Where DC Super Pets Started

DC Super Pets are a group of super animal companions who first appeared in Adventure Comics #293, way back in 1962.

Since their 1962 debut, DC Pets had it’s own animated Cartoon Network show.

DC Super Pets

Who DC Super Pets Are

Ace the Bathound, is Batman’s companion dog. Ace is a German Shepard dog who usually helps Batman and Robin track down people.

Streak the Supercat, is Supergirls cat companion who gains superpowers after being exposed to Kryptonian radiation from Kryptonite. Streaky has similar superpowers to Supergirl’s, including flight, super strength, supervision, super speed, heat vision, and human-level or better intelligence.

Krypto aka Superdog, is Superman’s white dog. He has the same powers as Superman, but scaled down for his smaller dog size.

Joker Fish, is The Joker’s fish that made an appearance on the Cartoon Network series.

Other DC Super Pets that have featured on the Cartoon Network series include Wonder Woman’s kangaroo called Jumpa, and the Green Lantern’s Ch’p – a super chipmunk.

There have been a bunch of different iterations of DC Super Pets so, whether the upcoming DC Comics and Warner Bros. movie will be animated or live-action, remains to be revealed. The movie will apparently be family-friendly, and be directed by directors Jared Stern and Sam Levine. Patty Hick is on-board as the producer for the upcoming 2021-movie.

What would you like to see from the movie? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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