Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d show some love for our favorite fictional couples from entertainment.

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These fictional couples have not only wooed each other, but have stolen audiences’ hearts with their on-screen love forever.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Fictional Couples

In terms of fictional couples, it doesn’t get much sweeter than Disney’s adorable duo. Mickey and Minnie have been going steady since 1929. Although the perfect pair had never wed on-screen, the actors who voice the characters married in real life.

Ron and Hermione

Their love is truly magical. Ron and Hermione are one of those fictional couples that show you how fun love can be. The two started off as friends but decided that they’re hot for each other during the retrieval of Basilisk fangs, because impeding death by a dark wizard does that to you.

Matthew and Gareth

Fictional Couples

If you didn’t cry during Matthew’s eulogy for Gareth, then who hurt you? Out of all the fictional couples in Four Weddings and a Funeral, these two seemed to have the real deal.

Nathan and Elena

Fictional Couples

The Uncharted gaming franchise isn’t particularly known for its romantic story line. However, this adventure action game does give us one of our favorite fictional couples in gaming. Nathan Drake eventually marries Elena Fisher in Uncharted 4 and we love their love.

Han and Leia

Our favorite galactic couple have been a romantic item for years in the Star Wars franchise. We love their passion and playfulness. They also have one of the most quoted love lines in any movie.

Gomez and Morticia Addams

Fictional Couples

Fictional couples aren’t always cute, but they’re always in love. These two have a lot of passion for each other and they’re not scared to show it off.

Arthur and Trisha/Trillian

Fictional Couples

Who has ever hitchhiked across the galaxy for you? Arthur Dent doesn’t necessary set out to find Trisha McMillan (Trillian in space) when he hitches a ride on a spaceship which destroys Earth in the classic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But they end up being one of the coolest fictional couples in the whole universe.

Monica and Chandler

Although Ross and Rachel’s relationship is one of the main storylines in Friends, they’re not one of our favorite fictional couples because of them taking breaks and falling asleep and all that drama. Monica and Chandler are a cuter and more stable couple than Ross and Rachel ever were.

Belle and the Beast

It wouldn’t be a complete list of fictional couples without the tale as old as time. Belle and the Beast/Prince Adanm are a dream.

Which fictional couples make your heart flutter? Show us some love in the comments section.

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