Video games are usually backed up by musical experiences that deliver the most magical journeys you could ever imagine. We want to take you through some of the greatest gaming soundtracks ever composed throughout the history of gaming.

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God of War

One of the more recent gaming soundtracks comes from 2018’s God of War. Santa Monica Studios completely rebooted the series and pulled it away from the past Greek setting and set God of War in the Norse realm of Nifelhiem. This changed the music too. Composed by Bear McCreary, God of War’s soundtrack takes you on a chilling yet, powerful adventure as he uses instruments like the hurdy-gurdy to bring a true Norse vibe to the game. The entire soundtrack oozes with emotion.


Bastion is quite an old game now, but it has one of the best gaming soundtracks ever made. Darren Korb brings the game to life with strong vocals and a classic folk-styled vibe. Every tune in the soundtrack feels unique and helps bring the game’s setting to life with an eerie feel and a chilling effect. It is simply magnificent.


Now we all know you will have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The Ducktales soundtrack is so much more than just the opening theme, as the magic of the soundtrack especially lies in the stages music. One of the most iconic has to be the Moon Stage that truly takes you on a whimsical adventure of 16-bit music. But there are other jewels in the game too, such as the Amazon stage that themes around pop music and of course, the chilling yet satisfying Transylvania that brings out the game’s rock influence. If you are a fan of NES gaming soundtracks then this is most likely the greatest one around.


Austin Wintory’s masterpiece of recent years is none other than Journey. The game was a Game of the Year winner and the soundtrack went on to win multiple awards too. Much of the album centers around themes that can break your heart. It is just one of those gaming soundtracks that you leave on repeat during the day at home and slowly drift off into meditation as it plays. The soundtrack was the first ever video game soundtrack to be nominated for a Grammy and it was well deserved.

Persona 5

The Persona series has been known for its crazy music that mixed jazz with an old-school soundtrack style. A bit of Japanese Pop here and hip-hop there all blend together to create an experience very unique to the game series. Some of the most iconic tunes in the latest entry include songs we have on our Apple Music playlist like Life Will Change, and the iconic opening, Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There. All these vocally-driven tunes might seem a bit cheesy at first but the more you listen to them, the more you will love them.

Mega Man

It is hard to nail down the best Mega Man soundtrack because they are all so great. Mega Man 2 has most of the iconic tunes but the original game’s music is recognizable from the moment it starts playing. We all know the Cut Man tune and of course the Fire Man. Every level manages to deliver a fantastic NES music experience and they are still as iconic as they were in 1987.

Final Fantasy XIII

The Final Fantasy series is another masterpiece in video game music but Final Fantasy XIII has to be the best in our books. The game was a long time in the development and the soundtrack released and did not let us down. Final Fantasy XIII’s soundtrack is full of wonder and it plays into the game’s story and the world as you explore and take on an era-defining story. Masashi Hamauzu really hit the ball out of the park with this one as this four-hour experience is one for the history books.

Kingdom Hearts

The Kingdom Hearts series is basically the best Disney game series ever made and that means it needs to have its own unique take on many of the Disney worlds you explore in the game and it does just that. The Kingdom Hearts series sees you visit worlds from many Disney movies such as Aladdin, Pirates of the Carribean and much more and every world you visit has a unique Disney-like tune to them across the battle theme and even exploration. Every song you hear you can feel the Disney love and you cannot help but tap your fingers to the addictive beat. Kingdom Hearts III is out now.

Which gaming soundtracks are your favourite? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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