The Kingdom Hearts series is a truly magical experience. Taking the awesome worlds of Disney and merging them with a deep fantasy RPG story makes it one of the richest adventures in gaming. There is a lot to digest when it comes to the game’s story but when looking at the world and its fantastic Disney presence, we cannot help but notice all the awesome Kingdom Hearts 3 easter eggs there is to find in the game.

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Let us take a look at a few of Kingdom Hearts 3 easter eggs and where you can find them in Square Enix’s latest title.

Mickey Emblems

While this is not so much a hidden Easter Egg on its own, the idea of these Mickey Mouse Emblems adds an Easter Egge-like system to the game. Throughout Kingdom Hearts 3 you will need to try to spot 90 Mickey Mouse-shaped objects across the various worlds.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Easter Eggs

These come in all forms, from his head being made up of clouds in the Hurceles world of Mount Olympus to them being found plastered on walls across the entire game. The Mickey Mouse emblem is an iconic Disney image and is used throughout the company’s marketing and hidden in certain Disney movies, too. This easter egg hunt it just fitting for a game with so much Disney in it.

Dissidia NT Summons

If you have ever played a Final Fantasy game before, you would know that the titles have a large emphasis on summons in the form of monsters, creatures and dragons. Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy brawler, Final Fantasy NT sees all the main characters from across the series fight each other and summon these magical beings.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Easter Eggs

In Kingdom Hearts 3, during the Toy Box world, you can actually see these summons from Final Fantasy NT in all their 3D model glory in the toy store. The marketing is great and even shows the game’s logo and a load of boxes showing off all the summons from the title. It is the most “Final Fantasy” in the game which is sad, but better than nothing.


In the Final Fantasy series, there is an enemy type known as  “flan”. These giant goops of goo are quite tough to kill and come in all shapes and sizes and even sometimes bear a specific elemental type. In Kingdom Hearts 3, these enemies are back but much cuter and tastier.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Easter Eggs

There are seven giant flans Kingdom Hearts 3 easter eggs that all offer a unique mini-game experience. They are also shaped as delicious desserts and are dripped in custard with cherries on top. These flans are the only enemy type in the game that has any direct reference to the Final Fantasy series.


Verum Rex – Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Those of you that remember Final Fantasy Versus XIII will remember that the game before it, Final Fantasy XV, was much darker and its marketing was very different. It focused on Noctis and his unique look, often sitting on his throne with his sword in his hand.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Easter Eggs

Well, while Square Enix could not put Final Fantasy Versus XIII into the game directly, most likely due to Disney being Disney, a knockoff was created known as Verum Rex. Upon entering the Toy Box world, you are introduced to an awesome cinematic that shows off this world and its characters. We cannot help but see a lot of similarities between the two. Even the poster for the game looks very “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” with the main character in the same pose as Noctis in the Final Fantasy Versus XIII marketing.

The Pixar Kingdom Hearts 3 Easter Eggs – A113

This sequence of numbers – A113 – refers to the classroom at the California Insitute of Arts where students including John Lasseter, Tim Burton, and Brad Bird all sat as they studied and mastered their craft.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Easter Eggs

The sequence is scattered throughout Kingdom Hearts 3 in various Pixar worlds including Monster Inc. and the Toy Box. One of them is atop a door in Monsters Inc and the other is a car’s registration number that is parked in the street outside Andy’s house.

Sulley and a Part of Mike

In Galaxy Toys in the Toy Box world, when you go behind the counter, you will see a post-it on the board that shows a drawing of Mike and Sulley. Sure, you see them later in the game when you visit their world but the funny part of this is that only half of Mike has been drawn.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Easter Eggs

This is a joke that refers to Mike always been cut off in the marketing during the Monster Inc. films. The drawing only shows a bit of his head and horns which is pretty hilarious especially when you remember how the Monsters Inc. sign covered his entire body in the film.

Toys For Sale Sign

Remember in Toy Story 2 when Andy’s mom forced him to sell all his toys during the yard sale? Well, that day was both heartbreaking and iconic in the film’s history.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Easter Eggs

In Kingdom Hearts 3, the same “For Sale” sign that Andy’s mom hammers into the ground can be found behind the house. It is much older and faded but the memories of that day will always haunt us all.

Ultima Weapon

In every single Final Fantasy game, there is one weapon that rules above all other weapons. This weapon is known as the Ultima Weapon. For games with multiple playable characters, there are multiple Ultima Weapons and in Kingdom Hearts 3, there is also an Ultima Keyblade.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Easter Eggs

This weapon can only be obtained much later even after you complete the main game and with much grinding for rare materials. It is pretty pointless given you would have already completed most of the hardest fights but it is still cool to see and wield.

Did you spot any Kingdom Hearts 3 easter eggs along the way? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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