The 91st Acadamy Awards, or Oscars, were held last night. A few lucky movie creators and stars got to go home with that golden statue that seems to lay down a golden path for anyone’s career in the movie business. But there were also the people who were nominated and didn’t get to thank a whole list of people in their acceptance speeches.

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These are some of the stars who have been never won an Oscar in their lives.

Tom Cruise



1990: Born on the Fourth of July for Best Actor

1997: Jerry Maguire for Best Actor

2000: Magnolia for Best Supporting Actor

Although he has been nominated three times, Tom Cruise hasn’t been lucky enough to win at the Oscars. And based on the movies he is currently starring in, we might think that ship has sailed for this Holywood heavyweight.

Sigourney Weaver



1987: Alien for Best Actress

1989: Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey for Best Actress

1989: Working Girl for Best Supporting Actress

One of the most prominent females in sci-fi actions, Sigourney Weaver has had plenty of opportunities to score an Oscar. But sadly this talented performer has not gotten the recognition she deserves and remains without an Oscar win despite being beyond worthy. She was even nominated in two categories at the 1989 Oscars for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

John Malkovich



1985: Places in the Heart for Best Supporting Actor

1994: In the Line of Fire for Best Supporting Actor

You would think having a whole movie dedicated to you would be enough to get you some recognition at the Oscars. But John Malkovich has never won at the Acadamy Awards, losing to Haing S, Nigor for The Killing Fields in 1985 and Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive.

Amy Adams



2006: Junebug for Best Supporting Actress

2009: Doubt for Best Supporting Actress

2011: The Fighter for Best Supporting Actress

2013: The Master for Best Supporting Actress

2014: American Hustle for Best Actress

Probably one of the most nominated people in the industry, Amy Adams is yet to take an Oscar home.

Samual L. Jackson



1995: Pulp Fiction for Best Supporting Actor

Although he hasn’t been nominated as many times, we still think this guy deserves an Oscar even if it is for being the coolest guy on Earth.

Michelle Williams



2006: Brokeback Mountain for Best Supporting Actress

2011: Blue Valentine for Best Actress

2012: My Week with Marilyn for Best Actress

2017: Manchester by the Sea for Best Supporting Actress

Another actress who has multiple nominations, however not a single win.

Which of the stars do you think deserve to finally win their own Oscars? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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