Whether video games are good or bad for you, has been a debate since people started playing them. Pokemon GO is the latest video game obsession. If you play Pokemon GO, you’ll know how addictively fun this new mobile game from Nintendo can be. Whether this is bad for your health, is not for us  to decide. But you could reap some benefits if you play Pokemon Go, here are some.


Get Up, And Go

When you play Pokemon GO you have to get up and move around to look for the next Pokemon to find and catch or to hatch eggs or walk your Buddy Pokemon to earn candies. This allows you to get off the couch and get some exercise, sunlight and fresh air. When you play Pokemon GO, you are forced to explore your area or to find new places. Pokéstops are usually situated at monuments and other locations that help you go places you might not have gone if you didn’t play Pokemon GO.

With the Apple Watch version of the game, you can even further improve your fitness by being able to use the app to track health and fitness info.

Remember not to trespass and to follow our other safety tips while you play Pokemon GO.

Play Pokémon Go With Friends

Who says our generation doesn’t know how to connect? When you play Pokemon GO with one or more of your friends, you’re able to help each other find even more Pokemon in the environment. It could also be a great way to meet new people by forcing you to explore places you wouldn’t usually visit if you weren’t playing the new mobile game. The game is a perfect past-time for the entire family to enjoy together, thanks to its sheer addictiveness and family fun.

Play Pokemon GO

Augmented Escape

The game offers a way for us to escape our busy world and engage in a fun, augmented reality. While it forces you to explore your environment and new places, it also brings whimsical Pokemon into the real world with its augmented reality technology. Who knew our dreams of one day catching Pokemon in our room or even while shopping for groceries, will finally come true?