If you love taking fun pictures in the mobile game, then you’re going to be excited about the new Pokemon GO photography update. Niantic, the team behind the popular Pokemon mobile game, has said that Trainers’ Pokemon GO photography, using the game’s AR+ feature has inspired them to give the feature an overhaul.

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The new Pokemon GO photography feature is called GO Snapshot, which introduces an easy way to snap a shot of any of the Pokemon you have in your Pokemon Storage. The new Pokemon GO photography feature can be found when you view a specific Pokemon in your Pokemon Storage or when you access the camera in your Items Bag.

How The New Pokemon GO Photography Feature Works

  • Find the best spot in the real world you’ve always dreamed of taking a picture of your Pokemon.
  • Then tap to throw a Poké Ball to the spot you’ve chosen for an ideal Pokemon GO photography setting.
  • As your Pokemon is in the ideal position you’ve chosen, you can move around to capture the best angle and side of your Pokemon.
  • When you want the Pokemon’s attention to focus on the photo being taken, brush across the Pokemon and it will look at you.
  • Then once you’ve positioned your Pokemon in the best location and you have its attention focused on you, you can snap as many pictures as you want.

Your photos are automatically saved to your device. Or you can easily share your snaps to social media using the linked social channel to your Pokemon GO account.

Which Pokemon will you be taking pictures of in real-world locations first? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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