We have all heard the stories of how a few people have got into trouble while playing Pokémon GO. The truth is, there are people who won’t have any regard for Pokémon GO safety. Pokémon GO could be very distracting, which means that you might completely forget about Pokémon GO safety.

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We have some Pokémon GO safety tips if you’re playing the game, and a few things that you should do if your kids are playing the game.

Stay Out Of Bad Areas

If you are playing in an area you know, then you know your limit to Pokémon GO safety in this space. Do not venture into dodgy locations where you do not know where you are and the type of people who hang around there. Always be on the lookout for people who are around you while walking with your phone out, and be sure to stay vigilant to your surroundings to ensure you practice good Pokémon GO safety.

Pokemon GO Safety

As for parents, your kids should not be exploring the streets unattended at all. As a Pokémon GO safety measure, parents should go with kids or drive them in the car to a park or heavy Pokémon spawn area, and then stay near them.

Be Cautious At PokéStops

A Lure Module is used to lure Pokémon to the stop, which in turn lures players to the stop too. This means that by using a Lure Module, people are aware that more people will come to the stop. As a Pokémon GO safety measure, be sure to watch who comes to the PokéStop.

Our Pokémon GO safety advice is to never go to a suspicious-looking PokéStop alone. If you are alone, try to keep your distance by standing in the open. Also, be aware of your surroundings while farming the PokéStop as criminals could be watching you.

Watch Where You’re Walking

This is an obvious Pokémon GO safety tip. Keep your eyes on your surroundings. The game does not need you to look at the screen the whole as it will vibrate when there is a Pokémon nearby. You should only be looking at the screen while catching a Pokémon, which you can do standing still, and checking on an egg’s progress, which is also done while standing still. You can farm PokéStops while moving.

South Africa is full of open manholes, and heavily congested roads, which can be a problem while playing the game. Just stay aware of your surroundings and always watch the road when crossing to ensure Pokémon GO safety.

Keep Your Phone Safe

A good Pokémon Go safety tip to remember is to put your phone away when walking past dodgy places. NEVER put your phone in your back pocket.

Pokémon GO Safety

It is also wise to keep your phone safe from natural hazards like the ground, water, dust and heat. If the device is getting too hot, then maybe turn down the brightness a little or turn it off for a while. Parents should maybe look into getting a wrist strap cover for their kids, to prevent the device from falling to the ground if dropped by mistake.

So there you have a few helpful safety Pokémon GO safety tips while playing the game. Visit our Pokémon Hub for all your Pokémon GO content.

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