When Pokemon GO first launched nearly 3 years ago, Trainers had to choose to be members of one of three teams. Now, a new update will allow Trainers to change the Pokemon GO teams they chose when they joined the popular mobile game.

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The current Pokemon GO teams consist of Team Instinct (yellow), Team Mystic (blue) and Team Valor (red). The team captains for each of the teams are – Spark for Team Instinct, Blanche for Team Mystic, and Candela for Team Valor.

Before you can start catching Pokemon, take down Gyms or battle in raids, you have to choose which one of the three Pokemon GO teams you want to belong to. As this is quite a big choice, some Trainers have felt that, when they started out playing, they didn’t make the right choice. Before you had to stick to your choice of team. But that’s all about to change.

Team Change is launching today (26 February 2019) and will allow Trainers all over the world to take their talents to one of the other Pokemon GO teams, if they’re ready to make the change.

The new Team Change option will give Trainers the ability to move to another Pokemon GO team once every year (365 days).

Trainers who wish to move to one of the other Pokemon GO teams, can visit the Pokemon GO shop to purchase a Team Medallion. The Team Medallion will set you back a massive 1000 PokeCoins, so you better be sure. Luckily, you’ll have a whole year to build up your PokeCoins again if you want to try out one of the other Pokemon GO teams.

Pokemon GO Teams

Once purchased from the Pokemon GO Shop, you will find your Team Meddalion in your Bag with all of your other items. When you decide to activate it, you’ll be guided through the selection for the Pokemon GO teams to choose your new team.

Your Pokemon that are still in Gyms when you decide to change Pokemon GO teams will return to you with no PokeCoins earned once they are defeated out of the Gym. You’re not able to battle the Gyms your Pokemon are defending either, when you’ve switched to another team.

Are you loyal to your team or will you be changing Pokemon GO teams? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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