February is the month of love and while you may or may not be deeply in love with someone in your life, as gamers we get to witness love first-hand through video games. Some games out there make sure to bring romance to your screen by bringing couples together be it through an experience we get to witness or through our own actions. These romantic video game couples tugged at our heartstrings and we love them for that.

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Cloud and Aerith – Final Fantasy VII

While Aerith is known for her unexpectedly shocking death Final Fantasy VII, she is also known for her strong bonds with Cloud Strife. She did not have a big role in the game but the little time we had to get to know her we loved her and most importantly, Cloud loved her.

Aerith Gainsborough and Cloud Strife’s relationship blossomed and we loved seeing them together. It was this sort of “will they won’t they” story and when she was impaled in the chest by Sephiroth, our hopes for their loved faded faster than her life. It was a tragedy.

Mario and Peach – Super Mario Bros.

Mario and Princess Peach are one of the most weridly romantic video game couples around. Since the dawn of time Mario has been saving her backside from all sorts of nasty situations but we have always wondered if they would ever hook up. It was not until Super Mario Odyssey that we saw the slightest romance take place between them after Peach kissed Mario on the cheek.

It took them over twenty years to get to this point but it was sweet to witness. Mario has been saving her life for years now and we don’t know if she has been playing hard to get or maybe she has no interest in him at all. Regardless, we love seeing them together and although he may be in the friend zone for now, one day they may be married and all lovey-dovey.

Sonic and Amy – Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy is crazy. For those who have never witnessed her craziness, she has that whole “obsessed stalker” approach when it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog. Amy is not shy about it, she chases Sonic around and almost forces herself on him at any opportunity.

It has been the situation since her character was created all those years back and ever since then, Sonic has been haunted by her presence to the point where it is creepy. We love seeing it happen though because we have a feeling that as much as Sonic runs away, he totally has feelings for Amy too.

Nathan and Elena – Uncharted

Ah, the Uncharted series. Nathan Drake’s story wrapped up in 2016 with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and it was remarkable. We have been witnessing his and Elena’s romance bloom ever since he ditched her at the dock in the first game and slowly she has been creeping her way back into his life.

In Uncharted 4, they were married and happy. Doing the things romantic video game couples do, like fight over who needs to wash the dishes and beating each other in video games. They are a perfect example of a happily married video game couple, even though they set off on crazy adventures together every now and then that can ultimately end in ruin.

Leon and Ada – Resident Evil 2

Playing the latest Resident Evil 2 remake we realized just how great Leon and Ada were in the game. We also had no idea that Leon totally fancies Ada and their kiss in the game, and Leon’s attempt to save her life showed some true bravery and romance.

Tidus and Yuna – Final Fantasy X

The Final Fantasy series is not one to shy away from love and with Cloud and Aerith already on the list, we had to include another of our favourite romantic video game couples from the franchise. Tidus and Yuna are most likely the greatest couples in Final Fantasy history, mainly because they spend the entire game together and not only do they grow, they change each other completely.

Link and Zelda – The Legend of Zelda

Yet another one of Nintendo’s romantic video game couples. Link and Zelda have been going at it for years now and it is also one of those questionable relationships that have us wondering whether or not they will ever get together. Sure, most Legend of Zelda games are unique in their story and setting but they all have a Link and a Zelda and they never end with a Zelda and Link being official.

We love seeing them together and while they are not technically romantic, they still make for a lovable couple regardless of their relationship status.

Are you planning anything romantic for V-day?

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