Samsung is hell-bent on having a good year, it seems. In a new promotional video, the South Korean company imagines a future filled with amazing technology, including foldable phones (which the company is expected to launch this year), smart mirrors, and even a tattoo robot.

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In a new, short promotional teaser for what Samsung imagines it can achieve in the future, many awesome technological advances are hopefully on the horizon.

The video starts off with a kid driving a tricycle through a super-connected home, that makes her cool imagination come to life in a way we’ve only dreamed of before. The video then features other futuristic products like a smart mirror and a tablet. What stands out for us the most, is the tattoo robot.

Tattoo Robot

The video shows a tattoo artist sketching a tattoo design on a tablet. But the tattoo isn’t done by the human tattoo artist, instead, the design the tattoo artist created, is tattooed on to a person by a tattoo robot.

Tattoo Robot

The video goes on to show a more family-friendly technology, compared to a tattoo robot. We’re shown how a couple lovingly looks at a sonar of their unborn child, through one of the future, imagined products by Samsung.

The video was released a few days before the South Korean company’s planned 20 February event, where it’s expected that Samsung will release its Galaxy smartphones. One of the expected announcements to be made by Samsung, is a foldable smartphone, with many mobile manufacturers aiming to have their foldable phones on the market this year.

Whether or not technology like a tattoo robot is really a feasible future product for Samsung, remains to be seen. But it would be awesome to see someone get inked by a tattoo robot, don’t you think?

Would you trust a tattoo robot to create permanent work on your body?

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