The first full Aladdin trailer is here and it’s pretty spectacular. In this first full trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the Disney classic, we spotted a lot more detail than in the previous trailer.

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It’s All About Al

This Aladdin trailer focused a lot on the title character of Aladdin who is portrayed by Menna Massoud. We see him running through the streets of Agrabah and doing some impressive parkour, which definitely mimics the movements of the cartoon character.

The classic chase was super thrilling in the original movie and the Aladdin trailer gave us our first taste of it in live-action.

Jasmine (portrayed by Naomi Scott) and Aladdin’s first meeting is also captured in the new Aladdin trailer and looks really sweet. We’re excited to see how their story unfolds and what kind of chemistry they have on screen.

Magic Carpet

We finally got our first look at the iconic Magic Carpet in the new Aladdin trailer. It looks really good in live-action and CGI, and seems like it can be pretty convincing.

Aladdin Trailer

We just can’t wait for that moment when Aladdin and Jasmine go on that Magic Carpet ride. It will probably be visually very thrilling in its live-action form. There’s a glimpse of this magical moment in the new Aladdin trailer, with Aladdin saying one of his well-known lines – “Do you trust me?” – while reaching for Jasime. Part of A Whole New World is also performed in the new Aladdin trailer, and it gave us chills.


Like in the previous Aladdin trailer, we spotted some of the famous animal characters in the new trailer. We get to see Aladdin’s pet pal, Abu sitting on his shoulder. We’re also given a quick glimpse of Rajah – Princess Jasmine’s beloved tiger. Jafar’s Iago is seen fluttering through the shots a few times and perched on Jafar’s shoulder. There are also elephants, camels, ostriches, and a huge flying creature which we spotted in the new Aladdin trailer.

We really hope that these were not real animals and that director, Guy Richie opted to use CGI instead. It looks like they might be, or some of them might be. Abu is spotted playing trumpet in the new Aladdin trailer, which is probably CGI and we hope the whole character was brought to life using technology, rather than a real animal.

Magical Genie

The previous footage for Aladdin gave us our first look at Will Smith’s Genie. Some people weren’t sure about the blue Will Smith, but then others loved him.

Aladdin Trailer

In the new Aladdin trailer, we get a better look at him and he looks great. He doesn’t stay blue the entire time it seems, and perhaps loses the blue hue to blend in better.

His personality also starts to shine through in the new trailer and we get to see him use some of his outrageously over the top magic.

It’s a very thrilling and visually beautiful trailer, which gave us plenty to look forward to for the May, 24 release of the new movie.

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Are you excited for this live-action version of the classic Disney movie? Drop us a comment below and let us know.