Apex Legends is an awesome battle royale game that has exploded into the gaming market and made a bigger impact than anyone would have expected. It is a free-to-play first-person shooter with team mechanics, an awesome open world to explore during each match and fun gunfights that keep it refreshing every time.

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Fortnite is another battle royale game, which came before Apex Legends and made the genre super popular. But why is Apex Legends so much better than Fortnite? Well, there are a few reasons and we will break them down.

Apex Legends Isn’t Childish

While Fortnite had the market for over a year already, one of the biggest contributions to the success of Apex Legends is that it is targetted at older gamers and not kids. Its gameplay, art style, and action makes it fall in line with a more hardcore audience and that is what we have wanted for a long time now.

Fortnite is cool but sometimes you don’t want to dance around like a lunatic and hit people with a unicorn-shaped stick. You want to toss a flashbang grenade and headshot someone in the head.

Apex Legends

Everything about Apex Legends is more mature than Fortnite. The mature angle also means that everything we will receive in the future in terms of new content and seasonal rewards will be less cartoonish and more hardcore. We are on board for that.

Gameplay Variety

Fortnite has always been pretty one-dimensional. Besides your cosmetic items, you really can’t do much more to mix up the gameplay, unless you actually find specific weapons and gear in the game. This limits team tactics to a point where it takes a while to build up your squad and even solo character.

Apex Legends does things a little different. Instead of everyone playing the same one character, you get to choose from a range of different Legends with different abilities. This means that right from the start, you can expect an experience that will vary from match to match.

Apex Legends

While the game relies on weapons too, the different Legends gives you a tactical advantage. Mirage’s skills, for example, sees him drop a decoy on the field to distract enemies. Lifeline can heal her teammates and Wraith can teleport herself and her teammates to a safe area.

Overall, the dynamic teamplay and innovative class systems in Apex Legends go a long way to deliver a great level of gameplay variety that Fortnite just lacks. Fortnite is not boring but sometimes you just want a little more from a game.

It’s New

The battle royale scene is nothing new to gaming. H1Z1 did it first followed by dozens more. PUBG is another great game that delivers some awesome battle royale gameplay. But all of them have one thing in common – they all have shallow gameplay.

None of them really push the boundaries when it comes to the core experience of the game. You drop in, kill people or die and reload a new match. Even Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout Mode suffers from the same stale rinse and repeat scenario.

Apex Legends

Sure, Apex Legends has the same premise, but as it stands now, it is a refreshing angle to the genre. The class system, gear variation, and strict squad gameplay feel refreshing especially after spending a few hundred hours playing other battle royale games.

FPS Perspective

A lot of the other battle royale games on the market are third-person. Sure, PUBG has a first-person perspective mode, but it’s clunky and forgetful. Fortnite is also third person which is great for the way it plays, but Apex Legend’s first-person perspective gives everything a much-needed boost.

The camera angle allows for high-octane gameplay through every match. It also helps immerse you into the game’s pace as sliding, dashing and wall running feels and looks a lot better from a first-person perspective.

Apex Legends

Lastly, the gunfights just feel so much better too and everything from sliding with a shotgun to sniping from a kilometre away is simply fantastic thanks to the camera angle. It just adds a great level of accuracy and precision to the game.

It’s Growing

Apex Legends has been out for around a month now and it has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It reached 25 million players within a week of release and Respawn Entertainment has made it clear that it’s invested in making the game even better as the weeks go by.


Balancing tweaks, new content and even the introduction of a Battle Pass has been announced for the game meaning that there will always be something new to go back to fight for and unlock. Your favourite characters will get new skins, your best weapons will get new shades of colours and new Legends will be released to add even more gameplay variety to the experience.

Are you prefering Apex Legends over Fortnite or is Fortnite still your favourite? Drop us a comment below and let us now.

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