Barbie has been around since 1959 and isn’t about to go anywhere. Tumblr user, Tenaflyviper decided to explore the evolution of Barbie’s face through the years and the results are mesmerizing. The series of photos are taken of Barbie’s face every year from 1959 all the way to today.

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The series reveals how much this iconic toy’s look has stayed pretty much the same, with some subtle changes to match each era’s style and trends. But her basic blue eyes, pointy nose and pink, full lips stay essentially the same. Barbie’s lips and hair are the main features that have been updated, with the doll initially starting off with a closed mouth pout moving towards a more teethy grin by the 70s.

There are some creepy versions like the 1980 version, which looks like she had a bit of a scare or the 1999 Barbie with the terrible bangs. The Tumblr user who created the series reveals that her favourite version of the doll is 1987 – 1995. We think the period from 2006 to now is really cute with the bigger eyes, and we also love some of the 80s versions with the big hair and bold eye makeup.

1959 – 1967

Barbie 1

1968 – 1976

1977 – 1985

1986 – 1994

1995 – 2003

2004 – 2015

Barbie has also recently experienced a metamorphosis. After 50 years of kind of keeping the same look alive, Barbie now has a more inclusive look. Barbie now has different body types, skin tones, hair colours, style, etc to choose from. This means that no matter how you look, you can find a Barbie doll that you can relate to or one that you really look up to. Barbie hasn’t been the only one to receive an updated look, with Ken also rocking more modern styles and boasting different body types, skin tones, hairdos, etc.

Which era of Barbie has been your favourite? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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