Captain Marvel, the first female MCU movie, bursts into South African cinemas just in time for Women’s Day. Brie Larson delivered a Captain Marvel who is hard not to fall in love with.

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Director(s) Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck
Cast Brie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson
Rating 13
Genre Superhero
Running Time 2 Hours 5 Mins.

As the first female Marvel superhero to have her own standalone movie in the MCU, the pressure was on for Captain Marvel to be a good movie. Brie Larson really brought it with her performance as the title character. The Oscar-winning actress looked the part by rocking the superhero outfit without being overly sexualised. She was a feast to behold, commanding full control of her strong body and she kicked ass during the fighting scenes. Brie Larson really has mastered the craft of acting, and has an impressive range of emotions. She delivered a character that you will instantly like and root for.

Other cast members like Samual L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Jude Law (as a character we won’t spoil for you) delivered performances which audiences have only come to expect from such seasoned performers. Samual L. Jackson especially brought a very retro funny feel to Captain America and we loved seeing him and Phil Coulson (portrayed by Clark Gregg) in their younger forms.

The Marvel references throughout Captain Marvel are awesome and fans of the franchise are going to love to find them all in the new movie. As the movie plays off in 1995, the 90s setting is strong throughout the movie. From a Nine Inch Nails retro-T that Captain Marvel rocks to the old school video gaming reference. If you’re a fan of the era or you love nostalgia, then you’ll love the setting in the movie as it was executed excellently.

As it is a Marvel movie, there is plenty of dramatic action and adventure and general world-saving on a massive scale going on. The entire movie was made to entertain and delight, and it does. You get to watch space battles, awesome fighting scenes, breathtaking flying scenes, big explosions, Alien technology and so much more to marvel at. Captain Marvel is definitely a feast for the eyes and is visually a delight.

Captain Marvel tells the origin story of this superhero that’s making her MCU debut. As we’ve never seen or heard about her in any of the other Marvel movies, this movie focuses on the story of Carol Danvers and how she becomes Captain Marvel. This original story recipe is nothing new for Marvel, as many of the other standalone movies also follow the same formula. The journey which the story in Captain Marvel take us on, is emotional and entertaining and also made us excited for more.


A lot was resting on the shoulders of this new Marvel movie and it felt like Captain Marvel managed to deliver. The movie’s stars all portrayed their roles like true professionals and really created cool characters. Brie Larson as the newest MCU member is brilliant and we instantly fell in love with her. The setting and story are both fun and you’re sure to feel entertained for most of the movie.

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Captain Marvel Review: A Marvellous New Superhero
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