Since Back to the Future II (1986) people have been dreaming about flying cars. The people work at tyre manufacturer, Goodyear, are obviously some of those dreaming about a future that contains flying cars.

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Called the Aero, this tyre of the future was designed with flying cars in mind. It was revealed as a concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The Aero tyre concept was designed to take the weight of a driving car, and then able to turn into propeller blades for flying, making them a type of hybrid tyre of the future.

The Goodyear AERO concept is a two-in-one tire designed for the autonomous, flying cars of the future. This concept would work both as a tire for driving on the road and a “propeller” for flying through the sky.

This concept tyre from Goodyear would be airless, and while driving, would function like a normal wheel by rotating around a hub, while being able to support the weight of a moving car.

How these differ from conventional car wheels is their support for flying cars of the future. Goodyear engineer, Daniel Hinque explains:

The individual blades absorb shocks while driving on the road but also act as robust rotors to create vertical lift when the tyre is tilted.

Although this is only a concept tyre at the moment, some of the cool and innovative technology is already bein developed by Goodyear.

While the AERO is a purely conceptual design, some of its featured technologies, such as a non-pneumatic structure and intelligent tire capabilities, are being developed by Goodyear today, while others might become the basis for new ideas and potentially new products in the future.

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