Game of Thrones season 08 is about to burst onto our screens and the hype for this final season of the popular HBO show is huge. The upcoming final season might have the least amount of episodes compared to the previous seven seasons, but the drama and epicness are sure to make up for only having six episodes.

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The popular show has become a fan favourite for various reasons, but one has to be the visual effects that are achieved time and time again in Game of Thrones. Now you can see what’s made this show so brilliant with some of the behind-the-scenes magic being revealed.

Stunt coordinator Rowley Irlam, shows fans what it takes to make those battles in Game of Thrones so big and explosive. He takes us through some of the stuntmen who are literally set alight for those dragon fire scenes as well as how much work goes into the big battles. The upcoming final season of Game of Thrones has one of the biggest battles ever put to film, with the Battle of Winterfell being a climactic clash that fans have been waiting for, for almost all of the previous 7 seasons.

The art behind creating some of the creatures from Game of Thrones is also showcased by prosthetics designer Barrie Gower. Fans get to witness the hard work and talent that goes into creating more detailed characters from the show like White Walkers, including the Night King. We also get a look at how the Children of the Forest are seemingly magically created using makeup, prosthetics, and movie magic.

Game of Thrones season 08 is set to premiere on 14 April 2019. Are you excited? You can watch the full trailer in the meantime below.

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