The franchise that keeps on giving. Pokemon mobile games are a multi-billion dollar industry, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down any time soon.

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Pokemon mobile games have brought in more than $2.5 billion, according to new data recently released. The $2.5 billion comes from six Pokemon mobile games. These include the popular Pokemon GO game, which accounts for close to 98% of the total amount spent by mobile gamers on Pokemon titles. That amounts to roughly $2.45 billion spent on the AR mobile game which took the world by storm in 2016.

The other five titles are

  • Pokemon Shuffle Mobile;
  • Pokemon Due;
  • Pokemon Quest;
  • Pokemon: Magikarp Jump; and
  • Pokemon TCG Online.

The best performing out of the above five Pokemon mobile games, is the 2015 title, Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. This mobile game has brought in about $25 million to date.

The United States have spent the most on Pokemon mobile games, amount to about $875 million or 35% spent on these games. Japan, from where the Pokemon franchise comes from spent $725 million (or 29%) on these mobile games.

640 million users have installed Pokemon mobile games on their devices since 2014, when the first of the mobile games – Pokemon TCG Online – was released.

550 million users have installed Pokemon GO, which accounts for 86% of the total downloads of Pokemon mobile titles. Pokemon Duel was installed over 39 million times, and claims the second place in terms of downloads.

Pokemon GO continues to become better with regular updates, which introduce new features and gameplay mechanics. The mobile game also has special events in-game and in real-life, to encourage players to keep on playing (and obviously spend money). Although it’s a free-to-play mobile game, gamers can exchange money PokeCoins to spend at the Shop on a variety of Items.

Which of these mobile games from the popular franchise have you played?