In gaming, there are what we call “mascots”. Those popular video game characters that we all know. Even if you showed someone who does not play games an image of them, they will be able to recognize these popular video game characters to some degree. These popular video game characters have become celebrities to some degree in games and we would hate to imagine a world without them.

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Here are the most iconic and popular video game characters we all have come to know and love.

Mario – 1981

Popular Video Game Characters

Many people think that Mario made his debut on the first-ever Super Mario Bros but that is actually not the case. Mario made his debut on Donkey King way back in 1981 when he first set out to save Princess Peach from Donkey Kong. The game is still a classic today as we all played it once in our lives. We all remember running up the path dodging barrels and making our way to the top. Since then Mario has appeared in close to 100 titles and he has become one of the world most popular video game characters hands down.

Sonic the Hedgehog – 1991

Popular Video Game Characters

Due to Nintendo’s huge success with Mario, SEGA had to come up with something to counter him and fast. Well, fast would be an understatement as the company released Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991 and it was an instant success. Sure, the series has had a few ups and down but Sonic has moved over 80 million copies of his game since his debut. He has since appeared in dozens of games including Super Smash Bros, Sonic Racing, and even had a few of his own TV shows.

Crash Bandicoot – 1996

Popular Video Game Characters

Nintendo has Mario and SEGA had Sonic. So, Sony needed a face too when the original PlayStation was released. In 1996 the company introduced Crash Bandicoot. While the series was owned by Naughty Dog, it becomes an iconic PlayStation franchise that everyone loves and along with it, people fell in love with all of the popular video game characters that made their debut including Crash, Dr. Neo Cortex and even his sister Coco. Crash Bandicoot has become Sony’s main mascot and even though Crash went missing for two whole console generations, he returned in full force last year in the remake of the three first games.

Master Chief – 2001

Popular Video Game Characters

The Master Chief is also known as John-177 – Microsoft’s answer to Crash Bandicoot and Mario. While he is not cute and fluffy, Xbox is known for his presence on the platform ever since his debut back in 2001 in the first-ever Halo: Spartan Assault. He has been present throughout the series, bar Halo: Reach, and everyone knows him for his iconic green helmet.

Ratchet and Clank – 2001

Popular Video Game Characters

There was no stopping Sony as Nintendo’s popular video game characters were growing on a yearly basis and it was forced to keep up. Ratchet and Clank debuted on the PS2 in 2002 and since then these popular video game characters have been coming and going since. We all know them for their humour and insane weapons we find in the game but most of all, Insomniac Games managed to bring a whole universe to life where a Lombax and a robot are best friends fighting crazy alien villains.

Link – 1986

Popular Video Game Characters

There is always some confusion when it comes to Zelda and Link. If anyone tells you that Link is Zelda unfriend them because they clearly don’t know what is going on. Link made his first appearance in 1986 on the NES and since then he has appeared in sequels ever since.

Pac-Man – 1980

Popular Video Game Characters

Before Mario and Link, there was Pac-Man – a yellow orb that graced every arcade in the world with his chomping and munching of little colorouful monsters. Pac-Man released in 1980 only in arcades and while you can play it on your iPhone today, back then he was in a giant box with a screen. Without a doubt, everyone has seen Pac-Man and knows what he does.

Mega Man – 1987

Popular Video Game Characters

Known as Rockman in Japan, this blue buster-shooting robot was one of the hardest experiences on the NES. Released in 1987, Mega Man was a step in a new direction that brought to life the ability to do more in a game than just run from one side of the screen to the other. Instead, Mega Man set off on a journey to destroy rogue robots and inherit their powers. Not only does it have the best soundtrack of its time, but it was also extremely hard and you can go back to it today and see just how easy games are these days.

Pikachu – 1996

Popular Video Game Characters

Pikachu first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue back in 1996 and fans of the series were not happy that the world’s most popular Pokemon did not get the attention he deserved so Nintendo then released Pokemon Yellow that saw Pikachu being the only starter Pokemon you could choose. Since then Pikachu has been the face of most Pokemon games and some other Nintendo titles too like Super Smash Bros.

Sackboy – 2008

Popular Video Game Characters

LittleBigPlanet is one of our favourite games of all time and it gave birth to the cutest little sack doll thing ever. Sackboy is the face of the game and he has become a Sony mascot at the same time. Although he has “boy” in his name he actually has no gender. Slap a skirt on him with some eyelashes and he becomes Sackgirl or Sackthing.

Which popular video game characters do you love? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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