The Borderlands 3 trailer has finally been revealed and the game is looking fantastic.

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We’ve watched the trailer a couple of times and want to share a few things which you may have missed. From possible boss fights, new locations, and even playable characters. Here are 10 things you might have missed in the Borderlands 3 trailer.

The Baddies

Borderlands 3 Trailer

Gearbox Software revealed that the two people you see walking in the opening part of the Borderlands 3 trailer are actually the main villains of the game. Right now, no one knows who they are or what they are doing but they look pretty badass. If you ask us, they look like brother and sister so it could be a classic sibling revenge plot which we are more than happy with.

The Playable Classes

Borderlands 3 trailer

Every Borderlands game has a number of playable classes you can choose from and play the entire game with. Each playable class makes the game a unique experience as their dialogue and the way they play, are all unique to their style. The Borderlands 3 trailer makes it quite clear that the four grouped people you see throughout the trailer will be the options you can choose from in Borderlands 3. What their names are and their skills are, are still mysteries, but we did get to see a few of these in action which leads us to our next point.

Awesome Skills

Borderlands 3 Trailer

Every Borderlands game is carried through the various skills you can use in the game. Maya, Salvador, and Gunzerker all had their own unique set of skills and by the look of the Borderlands 3 trailer, we are in for a rather exciting experience. The various skills we saw made us happy. One of them saw a Siren summon multiple arms, another guy duplicates himself and another guy jumps into a giant mech he spawned. Clearly, these skills are the playable classes’ unique action abilities and we cannot wait to get our hands on them all.

The Vault Key

Borderlands 3 Trailer

If you have played past Borderlands games, you will know that a lot of the games revolve around a vault which contains all the supposed “loot”. In order to get into these vaults, you need to have an Eridian artifact known as the Vault Key. The Borderlands 3 trailer shows this key off briefly as we see it activates. Later on, we see Lilith, a Siren and playable class in the first Borderlands seemingly get attacked by the villains and reach for this same Eridian vault key. Clearly, Borderlands 3 will be all about these vault keys and stopping these baddies from opening the vault.

We Will Explore Multiple Worlds

Past Borderlands games all took place on the planet of Pandora but it seems that Borderlands 3 could be changing that up. Yes, we will be on Pandora too but according to the Borderlands 3 trailer, the words “Explore the Worlds” points to the possibility of multiple worlds. This “Worlds” reference is seen twice in the Borderlands 3 trailer. It is quite clear that Borderlands 3 will be a multi-world experience as we venture across the planets.

Bosses Look Awesome

The Borderlands series has been known for its epic bosses and Borderlands 3 seems no different. Throughout the trailer, we get to see snippets of possible boss fights from a giant futuristic robot machine to a T-Rex-like creature that breathes fire. All we know is that we cannot wait to pump a few million bullets into these baddies and laugh while doing it.

Claptrap Gets Clapnapped

Claptrap, one of the CL4P-TP in the Borderlands series is an iconic character and a lovable, yet crazy robot. We were introduced to him in the first game and ever since we heard his high-pitch robot voice, we were in love. The trailer points to a possibility that Claptrap could get kidnapped in Borderlands 3. A short clip reveals him being taken away by a giant magnet as he seems to be struggling to get away. Could we be setting off on an adventure to save our dear friend? We will have to wait and see.

The Loot Looks Awesome

A Borderlands game is nothing without its weapons and Borderlands 3 is promising over one billion guns. From the looks of it, these guns will be the highlight of the game’s combat as they will come in all new shapes and forms with crazy abilities and perks. Miniguns, rocket launchers, giant snipers and much, much more. There’s no doubt that Gearbox will be bringing the best loot ever into Borderlands 3.

There’s A Gun With Legs?

Borderlands 3

Speaking of guns. The trailer revealed a gun with legs! Yes, this gun walks around by itself and shoot things. This is most likely not the craziest thing in Borderlands 3 but so far it is the craziest thing we have seen. Of course, the walking gun has spawned a decent amount of memes already. We aren’t surprised, it is a Borderlands game.

Then There is This Thing?

The last thing we noticed in the Borderlands 3 trailer is this thing. What in the burning hells is it? This giant dragon-like devil creature sure looks freaky and we can’t wait to take it down. We know the Borderlands series has always had a super-hard secret boss like Crawmerax in Borderlands 2, so could this creature be the Borderlands 3 boss? Who knows? It could just be a simple mini-boss because that is how extra the Borderlands games are.

Are you excited for Borderlands 3?

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