Movie sex scenes happen often and can be pretty steamy. However, actors like Dakota Johnson from the Fifty Shades movies have described sex scenes as extremely awkward to film and not sexy at all.

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These are some of the movie sex scenes where the actors didn’t simulate and actually had sexual intercourse and foreplay with each other (or themselves).

The Idiots

This is a 1998 movie directed and written by Lars von Tier, about embracing your inner idiot. There are a bunch of movie sex scenes in this Danish dramedy, but apparently, many of these were real and not simulated by the actors.

Little Ashes

If you want to see Robert Pattinson’s real life orgasm face, then you can see it in one of the sex scenes in this 2008 movie about Salvidor Dali. The actor admitted that during one of the movie sex scenes he masturbated and had a real orgasm on camera to make it more believable.

Movie Sex Scenes


Movie sex scenes are nothing new, with this 1979 movie containing a lot of sexually explicit content. What’s even more enticing about the sexual content of the movie, is that Helen Miren and Peter O’Toole apparently had real sex with each other for some of the movie sex scenes.


In this 2006 comedy the main character, Sophia Lin (portrayed by Sook-Yin Lee) tries to find her elusive orgasm. During her sexcapades, many movie sex scenes are shown that were actually performed by the actors during the shooting of the film.

The Brown Bunny

Everyone was talking about the movie sex scenes in The Brown Bunny when it was released back in 2006. What made the movie sex scenes such a talked about subject is that they were apparently not stimulated by actor Chloë Sevigny and actor-director Vincent Galla.

Movie Sex Scenes

Lie With Me

This movie features plenty of movie sex scenes throughout between actors Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour. And most of the movie sex scenes were not simulated, but real acts were recorded and used in the 2005 movie.

Have you seen any of these real movie sex scenes? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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