One of the biggest names in music has announced that she’s releasing new music. There’s a new Madonna album coming.

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A new video teaser was also released to announce the new Madonna album, which features a small piece of music we can be expecting from the famous star. The video teaser for the new Madonna album is also narrated by Madonna herself, who is looking as iconic as ever.

The new Madonna album will be called Madame X, and is desribed as:

Madame X is a secret agent

Traveling around the world

Changing identities

Fighting for freedom

Bringing light to dark places

She is a cha cha instructor

A professor

A head of state

A housekeeper

An equestrian

A prisoner

A student

A teacher

A nun

A cabaret singer

A saint

A prostitute

The last new Madonna album gifted to the world of music was Madonna’s LP Rebel Heart, which was released all the way back in 2015. The artist has been around since the early 80s and has released over 80 singles. The new Madonna album will join her already impressive 13 studio albums.

Not only has the star made a lot of successful music that’s been hugely popular, she is also an accomplished actress and philanthropist. She is one of the very few stars in the world who have true staying power and manages to recapture the world’s attention over and over again.

No official release date or tracklist has been released for the new Madonna album yet, but we’re excited to see what this megastar has in store for us next.

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