Another country has instituted a PUBG ban. Nepal is the second country to declare a PUGB ban.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegound, the popular mobile game has now been officially banned in Nepal. The PUBG ban comes after it’s been requested by parents and schools as a measure to prevent addiction to the game, and to prevent children from being exposed to the mobile game’s apparent violence.

The government has confirmed that the PUBG ban has been implemented in 8 schools, with 25 parents and guardians having filed complaints about the mobile game at police stations. The complaints claim that PUBG is distracting students from their studies and allege that the mobile game promotes violence and violent behaviour, with complaints claiming that children become violent when told not to play the game by, for instance, throwing their mobile devices.

The complaints at the police departments were taken to the Kathmandu District Court to seek a PUBG ban in Nepal. The court agreed with the arguments that the mobile game incites violence and violent behaviour. A letter was sent to the country’s National Telecommunications Authority which requested a PUBG ban, which then notified ISPs and network providers, which instituted measures to block the mobile game.

Nepal joins parts of India that also has a PUBG ban in place for similar reasons. The mobile game is particularly despised in India, with people even being arrested for playing it. The UK’s Prince Harry recently called for a Fortnite ban, claiming the game is addictive. The PUBG ban and other recent comments regarding gaming, has brought the debate of whether video games incite violence and promotes addictive behaviour to the forefront.

The game is available for iOS and Android devices and it is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It was released back in 2017.

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