Foldable phones are one of the top tech trends for 2019. With a few of the big mobile makers bring out there own foldable phones this year, it seemed like the technology was ready to take the mobile market by storm. But it seems the book isn’t closed on whether these devices are just a gimmick or can truly provide a useful experience for mobile users. The Samsung Galaxy Fold seems to be the former at the moment, with a few reviewers claiming that the device breaks pretty easily.

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The main issue it seems with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, is that the hinges where the device folds, are not working so well and they can break. One reviewer reported that a bulge appeared on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, possibly caused by debris that entered into the screen through the hinge that allows the device to fold. The bulge eventually caused the Samsung Galaxy Fold display to break completely according to the reviewer, which you can see below.

Galaxy Fold

Similarly, another reviewer reported that his review unit of the Samsung Galaxy Fold broke after only using it for one day. In this case, the device’s display merely stopped functioning and would just flicker and freak out on the one side of the device’s display.

And similarly, another reviewer’s review unit also had screen issues, which eventually broke the Samsung Galaxy Fold he was reviewing.

What is so disturbing about these reports, is that the reviewers didn’t even have their Samsung Galaxy Fold units for long. So, merely days into using the devices, they break. This is not a good sign for Samsung’s foldable device, with the company being no stranger to faulty devices. It’s Galaxy Note 7 was canceled and recalled in 2016 when the device spontaneously burst into flames.

Samsung has responded to these review units breaking so easily, by saying that it will investigate the issue, but confirmed that it still plans to release the devices on to the mass market later this month.

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