Shazam is a surprisingly refreshing movie from the DC Extended Universe. Less serious than Superman and way less dark than Batman, Shazam is the lighthearted side of DC Comic that audience of every age can enjoy.

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Director David F. Sandberg
Cast Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer
Rating PG
Genre Superhero
Running Time 2 Hours 12 Mins.

The movie magic kicks off right from the first few seconds of Shazam. The wizard Shazam (portrayed by Djimon Hounsou) is the only remaining wizard of the Council of Wizards who is tasked with shielding the world from the demons of the Seven Deadly Sins. He seeks a worthy successor, with orphaned Billy Batson (portrayed by Asher Angel) being granted the magical honours. By saying the name Shazam, Billy is transformed into an adult superhero (portrayed by Zachary Levi) with the following abilities:

  • S – for the wisdom of Solomon;
  • H – for the strength of Hercules;
  • A – for the stamina of Atlas;
  • Z – for the power of Zeus;
  • A – for the courage of Achilles; and
  • M – for the speed of Mercury.

Billy, with the help of his foster brother Freddy Freeman (portrayed by Jack Dylan Grazer), figures out his powers and how to use them (sans learning how to pee in his suit). While still figuring everything out, Shazam’s shenanigans attract the attention of supervillain Dr. Sivana (portrayed by Mark Strong).

What makes Shazam shine is how it plays on the ultimate childhood fantasy. It gives an “almost 15-year-old” the ultimate power, and Zachary Levi makes it look like a lot of fun. He manages to make you really believe that he is a candy-loving, trouble-making, goofy teenager who is also a little troubled. He creates a character that would be easy for most adult people to relate to and many kids to look up to. He’s also really ripped for this movie, and the physical fights and other superhero scenes looked great in Shazam. Billy and Shazam both have a lot of heart, and is always pulled towards helping people and doing the right thing.

The rest of the cast are also solid, with a special mention having to go to Jack Dylan Grazer for his portrayal of Freddy Freeman – Billy’s foster brother, best friends, and manager. He is the ultimate geek and pop culture expert, guiding Billy through what it takes to be a superhero. He is extremely entertaining, delivering some of the funniest lines in the movie.

The movie’s story is not only funny and entertaining, but Shazam also looked great. Thanks to his electrifying powers, the movie’s fights were a visual delight, especially on 3D. There are big visual moments in the movie, that make you feel its a blockbuster, while still telling a great story with fantastic characters. The costume design is beyond brilliant and we love the Elvis-inspired Shazam costume, with Zachary Levi pulling it off brilliantly.


Although it does border on cheesy sometimes, Shazam is the most lighthearted and fun of the current 7 movies in the DCEU. Superhero fans will delight in the origin story of Shazam and how he discovers not only his powers, but who he is and who he can trust. The movie is fun and lighthearted, but still packs a major punch for action fans. The acting is fantastic, and the stars manage to create characters you really start to care about.

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Shazam Review: The Funner Side Of DC
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