A Star Trek animation has been officially confirmed to be happening. The new Star Trek animation show will be made by CBS TV Studios and Nickelodeon.

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The computer generated take on the popular space show will be made by Kevin and Dan Hageman, who seem pretty stoked to make the Stark Trek animation.

Star Trek, Nickelodeon, and the state of animation are doing incredibly ambitious things as of late. We couldn’t be more excited to jump aboard.

The show is set to feature a group of lawless teens who discovers an out-of-use Starfleet ship. They take the ship for a bit of a space joy-ride, filled with adventure and searching for their place in the universe.

The hope is for the Star Trek animation to get a new generation of fans on board the Starfleet, and to explore the endless possibilities of space. Because it’s aimed at younger fans, this Nickelodeon show will be more PG than the other Star Trek animation called Star Trek: Lower Decks. That show is aimed at a mature audience and is being developed by Rick & Morty writed, Mike McMahan. It will follow the lives of a crew on an unimportant Starfleet ship.

Star Trek Discovery is also another show from the popular franchise that was first aired all the way back 1966. It’s awesome that so many more Star Trek adaptations have come since then, with the franchise ever expanding and captivating new fans of space and everything sci-fi, adventure, and fantasy.

No release date has been announced yet for the Star Trek animation, with more details probably to follow as the show moves into development.

Are you keen on the Star Trek animation? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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