Days Gone is finally out, Sony’s latest open-world adventure is great and if you are on the fence about the game or just wondering what there is to do in it then we have you covered.

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These 7 things are made up of in-game side missions, activities and other cool things you will find available in Days Gone. Be it taking down a Ripper camp or burning hundreds of Freakers, we have you covered.

Clear The Freaker Infestation Nests

Days Gone features a massive open world to explore that has been overrun by the zombies called “Freakers”. These crazed beings inhabit the lands and even make nests in certain parts of the world where they sleep during the day and come out at night to prey on the weak.

Days Gone

In order for you to safely travel between locations in the game and fast travel to specific areas, you will need to clear out all these nests that the Freakers make. This means you will need to venture into the area and burn them to the ground. Doing this early in the game and as soon as you discover the nests means you will be able to travel and explore the area without any issues.

Upgrade Your Bike

Days Gone’s world is quite big and you cannot walk it on your two feet. Deacon uses his motorbike to get around and it is vital for not only exploring the world but also surviving. Deacon can upgrade his bike in the game at certain camps and we recommend you do this as soon as possible.

Days Gone

We suggest you focus on increasing the fuel tank capacity at first, as it will mean you can fast travel to more locations without running out of fuel and while you will pay more to fill it up. The bigger tank will just last longer. There is nothing worse than running out of gas in the middle of an intense horde of Freakers.

Choose A Skill Tree

Deacon has various skills in Days Gone that can be unlocked as you level up. These skills range from melee to survival. Each skill tree offers perks and new abilities in specific fields. We recommend going with a big focus on melee skills first as it helps when you run out of ammo and need to resort to bats and axes.

Days Gone

If shooting is your thing, then unlock the skills that give you more ammo as it can be scarce in the game. Also, increase Deacon’s Focus shot ability cooldown which lets him slow down time while he shoots enemies. This ability comes in handy in the later parts of the game when everyone is harder to kill.

Sneak Into A Camp

In Days Gone you will come across camps occupied by marauders and other bad guys. When you see these camps make sure you sneak in and take down all the enemies as soon as possible. At the end of every camp encounter, you will be told to find the bunker, this is where you will need to search around for a hidden underground entrance.

Days Gone

Once found, these bunkers will house a new crafting recipe for items that you can make on the fly. Some of these are health boosts, focus cocktails, and even melee weapons. The sooner you have these, the better your future fights will be with the Freakers and baddies in the game.

Take On A Breaker

Days Gone has a few enemies that will test your wit throughout the game. You have the standard Swarmer Freakers and then you have The Breakers which are tough and deadly giant zombie-like brutes that will snap your body in two in seconds.

These Breakers are challenging but also a lot of fun to kill mainly because they are so strong and intimidating. Later parts of the game see you take on two at a time and that is where you will really need to pay attention. If you want a really challenging experience then try and sneak kill these Breakers. You will need a perk but the reward is satisfaction.

Decimate A Horde

Hordes in Days Gone contains hundreds of Swarm Freakers and is the game’s biggest deadly threat. These giant herds of undead come at you with great agility and strength and you have two options, you can run or you can fight. Fighting is always the better option as they drop bounties and you earn XP but they don’t die easily.

Using all of Deacon’s resources such as Molotovs, ammunition pipe-bombs and more, you can take down these hordes but they are challenging. We recommend you go into a horde fight well-equipped and ready to mow down all the hundreds of Freakers that come running when you start the fight.

Upgrade Deacon’s Stats

Across the world in Days Gone you may stumble in on NERO encampments. These pop-up facilities are often swarming with Freakers and wild animals but surviving the horde and making your way into the encampment will reward you with upgrade shots that can permanently boost Deacon’s health, stamina and Focus.

Some of these Nero encampments are easy to access and others are tougher with puzzles and enemies to kill but the upgradeability is well-worth the trouble on getting inside.

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Days Gone is out now only on PS4.

Are you playing?