Everyone loves a good sport. You choose your favourite team or player and cheer them on like you’re playing the sport yourself. Fictional sport does the same thing but on a bigger and more dramatic scale. They show us what fandom and sportsmanship could look like if we weren’t bound by the laws of reality.

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These are our favourite fictional sport we wish we could play in real life.

Pod Racing

It might not be everyone’s favourite Star Wars movie, but the pod races of Tattooine in the 1999 movie, The Phantom Menace are really awesome. They are dramatic, fast-paced and could get you killed – a truly thrilling sport, which could be awesome to watch if it existed in the real world.


Motorball is the sport that everyone’s obsessed with in the future, according to Alita: Battle Angel. This wildly intense sport is kind of like roller derby combined with basketball, but on steroids.

Everything is faster and more dangerous in this mechanical sport and you literally have to have nerves of steel to participate. The price is worth it though. The champion of Motorball gets a ticket out of the slums of Iron City, and up to the euphoric world in the sky called Zalem.


For those of you who aren’t scared of flying, and danger, and the possibility of getting seriously injured and maybe ever killed, Quidditch might be the fictional sport for you.

This fictional sport from Harry Potter is pretty intense, but it’s seriously entertaining and if it existed in real life it would be awesome to attend the Quidditch World Cup like in The Goblet of Fire.

Disc Wars

Disc Wars is a fictinal sport from the Tron franchise. It’s futuristic and looks amazing on screen. Discs are tossed at each other, and if you’re struck by a disc thrown by your opponent or if you step out of the arena, you lose the game. Winners of each round advance to the next round, until the final two players are left to compete against each other.

The final two players, battle it out to become the champion. All of this takes places in front of a huge crowd, like most fictional sports.

Which fictional sport do you wish you could play or cheer for in real life? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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