We all know that the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are battling it out to get control of the Iron Throne, and war is an expensive business.

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Bloomberg decided to analyse which Game of Thrones house has the most amount of money. Using the same method it uses to assess the wealth of real-life billionaires, the company analysed a vast amount of Game of Thrones material to determine who wins the battle of the richest Game of Thrones house.

Using data which expands over five novels by George R.R. Martin and more than 60 hours of TV from the 7 previous seasons of the HBO fantasy drama, the company was able to track the wealth of Westeros and determine which Game of Thrones house has the most amount of wealth. It was no easy task to determine which Game of Thrones house reigns supreme in terms of wealth, with the company explaining that

Using this information to track the wealth of the ruling houses from the start of the series to the final episodes is more difficult than using wills, corporate earnings, or trusts to unmask billionaires.

Ultimately it comes down to two houses for the top spot of the wealthiest  – House Targaryen, which has dragons or House Lannister, which has a lot of gold, connections, and business deals in place.

Firstly, Daenerys has dragons and these are worth more than just a pretty penny. She once struck a (fake) deal with a merchant for one of her then baby dragons for 8000 slave troops and roughly 5000 trainees.

The Lannisters have access to ancestorial gold mines and money that’s been piling up over generations. They might be vicious, but they’re great at financial planning. As we already know, a Lannister always pays his debts. But with so much wealth at their disposal, it’s hard to imagine why they would ever have to go into debt.

Here are the rankings in terms of wealth according to Bloomberg:

1. House Targaryen

As Daenerys explains in the first episode of the final season, dragons do pretty much whatever they want. Steve Schuetz, a managing director for Valuation Research Corporation, shares the sentiment on why its the wealthiest Game of Thrones house

If you have dragons, you would have most of the economic benefit in the world at that moment in time. You have an ability to not only protect yourself but to be aggressive and take anything you want.

Daenerys also controls the island fortress of Dragonstone, which sits atop a potentially valuable commodity: dragonglass.

2. House Lannister

Although not the wealthiest Game of Thrones house, House Lannister still sits on huge gold mines, literally, and also controls the global trade market of Westeros.

3. House Arryn

The Knights of the Vale are worth far more than the average foot soldier and is responsible for this Game of Thrones house’s wealth.

4. House Stark

The Stark family have a lot of land under their control, which means lots of resources to sell as commodities.

5. House Greyjoy

Although ships, and especially military fleets are a source of wealth, the Greyjoy’s don’t have a lot of wealth to throw around. The family’s raiding nature makes economic stability difficult to maintain.

6. House Martell

Dorne is pretty isolated, so the exports are limited. It trades in wine and grapes and does have a fighting force and some ships to make up its total wealth.

7. House Tully

Despite its wealth in commodities, this Game of Thrones house struggles to stay on its economical feet as it’s always exposed to some form of crossfire from war and battles.

8. House Baratheon

The late King Robert Baratheon really let his house go. When the series starts, it’s noted that he is in debt of 6 million gold dragons, half of which is owed to House Lannister. Good thing almost no one is alive anymore to bear the shame and debt of this Game of Thrones house.

9. House Tyrell

This was once a very wealthy Game of Thrones house. After the death of the main heirs, this house might no longer exist.

There you have it, the richest Game of Thrones house is House Targaryen thanks to dragons being such a valuable asset to have. House Tyrell is the poorest house currently in Westeros, as it has no legitimate heirs and the house seems to have died out. House Lannister might still have access to a lot of gold and control over the global trade market, but it doesn’t really measure up to the wealth of having dragons who can do whatever they want.

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