The first Sonic trailer is here, showing off what our favourite speedrunner looks like in live-action form. And we have some questions.

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Here’s the first Sonic trailer, and some of the questions we have after having watched it a few times to try to make sense of it all.

Why Does Sonic Have Teeth?

It’s just plain weird seeing this character with teeth. Never in the video games or the animated shows did he have teeth.

Sonic Trailer

It looks wrong in the Sonic trailer and seems like a strange choice to bring the iconic character to life with a full set of human teeth, when he is clearly a fictional character. In fact, all of Sonic doesn’t look right.

What’s Up With Gangsta’s Paradise?

The choice of song for the first Sonic trailer was extremely questionable. Coolio’s 1995 Gangsta’s Paradise did not seem to fit into the trailer’s attempt to be lighthearted and quirky like the iconic SEGA character has been known to be. The song doesn’t do anything for the trailer and just makes it all even more confusing.

Why Is Jim Carrey Trying So Hard?

Comedic legend, Jim Carrey seemed like the perfect choice for Sonic the Hedgehog villain, Dr. Robotnik. However, based on the footage from the Sonic trailer, he might be as cringey as the rest of the movie is leading up to be. It all just seemed extremely forced and like we’re going to want to hide behind our hands while watching them trying to make us laugh. At least he looks the part.

Sonic Trailer

Where’s Everyone Else In The Sonic Trailer?

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has a ton of awesome characters that fans have come to adore. These include Tails, Amy, Knuckles and many more. But none of these feature in the trailer. It might be explained in the movie as we learn more, but it’ll be disappointing if none of the other iconic characters make it into the movie.

Who Wrote The Jokes?

If the Sonic trailer was meant to make you cringe, then it was majorly successful. All of the jokes felt forced and were so bad that they may make some viewers even embarrassed for the makers of the movie. Are they aimed at a younger audience? Were they intentionally over the top and ridiculously not funny on purpose? We don’t know yet, and hopefully, everything flows a little more naturally in the movie.

The movie releases in November 2019. Will you go watch it?

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