Internet connected things can be cool and useful. Then there are bizarre internet connected things, that don’t really need to be connected.

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These are the most bizarre internet connected things that don’t make sense.


There is a ski-lift that is connected to the internet that lets random people on the internet control it. This ski-lift, in Austria, is one of the bizarre internet connected things that someone thought would be cool to make connected and controllable by strangers around the world.

Officials realised that having the ski-lift connected poses major security risks and have since closed off access.

Salt Shaker

Bizarre Internet Connected Things Salt

Some bizarre internet connected things aren’t dangerous or don’t pose major security risks, but are merely connected for the sake of being connected. One of these useless and bizarre internet connected things is the smart salt shaker from a company called Smalt.

Baby Changing Table

Bizarre Internet Connected Things

It seems you can’t have a baby without bizarre internet connected things anymore. One of those bizarre internet connected things is a baby changing tables from Hatch. With this device, you’re able to keep track of your baby’s weight and nappy changes, because you couldn’t do this without an internet connected changing table. It’s basically a $250 scale that you can change your baby’s nappy on.

Egg Tray

The Quirky Egg Minder is one of the most bizarre internet connected things in terms of connected appliances.

Bizarre Internet Connected Things F

This high-tech egg tray sends you notifications when you’re about to run out of eggs, lets you know which eggs are nearing their expiration dates, etc..

Tooth Brush

Ever wondered what the inside of your mouth looks like? The Onvi Prophix is a smart toothbrush that helps you keep track of your dental health – not so bizarre – but also gives you videos and pictures of your mouth – very weird.

What are some of the most bizarre internet connected things you’ve come across? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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