Katty Perry – whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson – recently revealed during a live-streamed therapy session that she struggles to keep her persona and her real-self separate. So, to keep it real, take a look at some celebrity real names that you might not have known.

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Demi Moore

Born: Demetria Guynes

Demi Moore might be a recognizable name for many, but it’s not one of the celebrity real names. The actress had obvious reasons for wanting to change it.

Joaquin Phoenix

Born: Joaquín Rafael Bottom

Him and his late brother, River Phoenix – River Jude Bottom – didn’t have celebrity real names.

Ben Kingsley

Born: Krishna Pandit Bhanji

Sir Ben Kingsley changed his name to avoid discrimination due to his foreign sounding name.

Olivia Wilde

Born: Olivia Jane Cockburn

Olivia Wilde might sound so cool, and well, wild, but it’s not one of the real celebrity names. The actress had real reasons to decide to change her last name.

Michael Caine

Born: Maurice Micklewhite

One of the most beloved actors of our time, Sir Michael Caine adopted his stage name in the 50s. He officially changed his name to match his passport after being repeatedly held up by security because his celebrity real names didn’t match up.

Whoopi Goldberg

Born: Caryn Johnson

When it comes to celebrity real names, no one has a more hilarious story that Whoopi Goldberg. She was given the name Whoopi for her ability to fart on demand, and her mother suggested a Jewish last name to help boost her career.

George Michael

Born: Georgios Panayiotou

The late and great George Michael just wouldn’t have been the same if he kept his real name.

Lady Gaga

Born: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Obviously, her real name isn’t Lady Gaga. This megastar has perfected her persona, but she remains true to her New York Italian roots. She even wrote an album embracing her middle name, Joanne.

Charlie Sheen

Born: Carlos Irwin Estevez

Another family who all didn’t have real celebrity names, including Martin Sheen whose real name is Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez.

Natalie Portman

Born: Natalie Herschlag

As most celebrity real names, Herschlag isn’t easy to pronounce, so the actress changed it to her grandmother’s maiden name.

Which are some of the celebrity real names that have surprised you? Do you prefer famous people’s real names or their personas? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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