Celebrity tattoos can inspire a hoard of fans to copy their idol’s ink. Some celebrity tattoos are just so iconic that they’re instantly recognisable and become part of their huge personas.

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These are the most famous celebrity tattoos out there.

Rihanna’s Stars

Celebrity Tattoos

When she rocks a short haircut or an updo, you can see Rihanna’s tattoo of an assortment of starts down her neck. She has a lot of ink all over her body, but the stars tattoo on her neck has definitely become one of those celebrity tattoos that many fans have copied.

Eve’s Paw Prints

Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity tattoos can sometimes be a little more daring than what us normal people can get. Eve’s paw prints on her chest are one of those celebrity tattoos that would be difficult to copy if you work an ordinary job. But these awesome tattoos look great on Eve and have become completely part of her cool look.

Cara’s Finger Lion

Celebrity Tattoos

Her Tag Heuer ad showed off Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoo on her finger off beautifully and made it one of the most famous celebrity tattoos out there.

Justin Bieber’s Crown

Celebrity Tattoos

Before he got covered with tattoos, one of Justin Bieber’s first tattoos was of a simple and small crown on his chest.

Mike Tyson’s Face Tattoo

Celebrity Tattoos

This is probably one of the boldest celebrity tattoos out there. The tattoo is so famous that it was replicated in The Hangover 2. It’s not one of the most copied celebrity tattoos (for obvious reasons), but it is instantly recognisable and connected to Mike Tyson.

Pamela Anderson’s Barbwire

Celebrity Tattoos

Not only did she star in a movie called Barbwire (which sucked) but she also has a barbwire tattoo on her arm. Her barbwire ink is one of the most famous celebrity tattoos out there.

Cardi B’s Peacock

Celebrity Tattoos

Luckily she never wears pants, so we can constantly see the beautiful peacock tattoo on her hip and leg. It’s one of the bigger celebrity tattoos and if you’re a true fan, you’re going to have to invest a lot of time and money (and endure a lot of pain) into copying Cardi B’s peacock tattoo.

Drake’s Lil Wayne

Celebrity Tattoos

It’s no secret that Drake and Lil Wayne are tight. But Drake decided that shoutouts on songs aren’t good enough to show how much he loves Lil Wayne and got his face tattooed on his arm.

Angelina’s Billy Bob

Celebrity Tattoos

Ok, so she had it removed. But before she had it lasered off Angelina Jolie’s ink of her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton’s name was one of the most famous celebrity tattoos out there. She has since covered up the area with the geographical coordinates of her children’s places of birth.

Lil Wayne’s Tear

Celebrity Tattoos

The famous rapper has many tattoos on his face, but the teardrops are probably his most talked about ink. He has never really addressed the meaning of these tears, making them even more appealing and mysterious.

Which celebrity tattoos are your favourite and would you copy any of them? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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