Mobile gaming has come a long way. Today, you’re able to play sophisticated mobile games like Pokémon GO and many more on high processing devices like the iPhone 7. With the Nokia 3310 making a comeback, we decided to remember 5 classic mobile games that paved the future of mobile gaming.

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It all began with Snake and many of us remember huddling around a Nokia 3310 trying to beat our high score as the thin pixelated snake grew longer with each apple it ate.

You were also able to adjust the difficulty levels, which made your snake move faster and harder to prevent from eating itself or crashing into the walls. This popular mobile game was played by the masses and even made it onto newer devices with Snake 2. Nowadays, you can play a version of one of the most iconic classic mobile games on your smartphone.

The Sims 2: Mobile Edition

The Sims is one of our favourite gaming franchises, and back in 2006 we thought The Sims 2: Mobile Edition was the best thing ever.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is one of the classic mobile games that broke into the market in a big way. When the game was first adapted for mobile, all arcade game lovers quickly fell in love with the mobile version. It was addictive, fun, and geeky – everything classic mobile games used to be.

Civilization Revolution

This is one of the more modern classic mobile games, and was released in 2008 for iOS and Windows Phone. What makes it one of our favourite classic mobile games of all time, is that Civilization Revolution was one of the first turn-based strategy games that was successfully adapted for mobile gaming.

Space Impact

Everyone was playing either Space Impact or Space Invaders or both on their classic Nokia devices, including the Nokia 3310. This side-scrolling game was one of the classic mobile games to appeal to the masses due to it’s easy, yet addictive gameplay.

Which classic mobile games did you grow up playing? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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