What is it with fictional food from movies and TV that makes it look so mouthwateringly delicious? And fictional food also always seem to appear when you’re at your hungriest or when you’ve just started a new diet, tempting you with how movie magic yummy it all looks.

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Here are some of the fictional food that we wish we could reach into the screen and grab a bite of.

Chocolate Frogs – Harry Potter

Fictional Food

Harry Potter is one of those movie franchises with truly magical fictional food. From the massive feasts at Hogwarts to all the magical sweets. There must be some magic involved to keep everyone in shape. Our favourite fictional food from the popular franchise has got to be the Chocolate Frogs as they magical jump and come with collector’s cards of famous witches and wizards.

Pizza Planet – Toy Story

Fictional Food

With a bunch of cool space games to play and seemingly delightful fictional food, we’d go to Pizza Planet all the time. Luckily, for fans, there’s a version of this fictional food joint at Disneyland Paris. This fictional food place is so popular that not only is it featured in Toy Story, but you can spot it in Monsters University and Finding Nemo.

The Pizza Planet truck can also be spotted in most Pixar movies.

Spaghetti Twister – Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

If you’re trying to avoid delicious looking fictional food then you should stay away from this movie. The whole movie features amazingly oversized fictional food that will send your appetite into a feeding frenzy. We particularly loved the idea of being hit by a tantalizing spaghetti twister.

Heisler Beer – Various Shows

Fictional Food

When it comes to fictional food, it seems everyone on TV loves to drink Heisler Beer. This popular fictional beverage appears on TV shows like New Girl, Lost, Star Trek, Malcolm in the Middle, Heroes and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Big Kahuna Burger – Pulp Fiction

In terms of fictional food, it doesn’t get more tempting than Big Kahuna Burger. This brand of burgers can be seen in numerous Quentin Tarantino movies, appearing in Pulp Fiction for the first time.

What fictional food do you wish you could try out in real life? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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