We’ve watched cool spaceships and fictional vehicles zoom around on our screens for years. NASA proves that real-life could be cooler than movies with the awesome NASA vehicles that have been created.

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These NASA vehicles have us in awe of what can be created in real life.


NASA Vehicles

Many of the NASA vehicles look like they are props from sci-fi movie sets. The Tri-Athlete vehicle (short for All-Terrain-Hex-Legged-Extra-Terrestrial Explorer) looks unreal, but it’s one of the real NASA vehicles which was tested in 2009.

Lunar Truck

NASA Vehicles

The Lunar Truck was unveiled in 2007 as one of the NASA vehicles that were created in preparation for humans’ return to the moon.

Super Guppy

NASA Vehicles

Don’t let the cute name fool you. The Super Guppy is one of the most badass NASA vehicles out there. This monster cargo plane is used when NASA wants to transport other big NASA vehicles and machines.


The Mars Curiosity rover is probably one of the more famous NASA vehicles on this list. This rover has been on Mars since 2012 and has been deployed to study to the planet for signs of life and water.

Crawlers Transporter

NASA Vehicles

Not only is it one of the coolest NASA vehicles out there, the Crawler is also one of the biggest machines on the planet.


NASA Vehicles

This is one of the most recent NASA vehicles and will become very important in human space exploration. The Orion spacecraft is designed to transport humans to and from space and to provide provisions.

Voyager 1 and 2

In terms of lasting long, NASA seems to have cracked the code. Both these NASA vehicles were released into space orbit in 1977 and are still being used to capture some of the most breathtaking images and data from space.

Which of these cool vehicles are your favourite? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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