E3 2019 is about to kick off, with Microsoft taking full advantage of its keynote to unveil the first details for its much-anticipated next Xbox.

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Codenamed Project Scarlett, the next Xbox will be released during the 2020 Holiday season.

The Xbox One, which was released in 2014, will be followed by the next Xbox which will have the following features as confirmed by Microsoft during its E3 2019 keynote:

  • 8K gaming support,
  • Framerates of 120fps in games, and
  • Ray-tracing.

The company went on to boast that the next Xbox would be “the biggest leap over previous Xbox consoles“.

Project Scarlett and all of its power and all of its performance is the foundation of our future in console.

The custom-designed processor for the next Xbox from AMD will be able to deliver a performance that is four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, as confirmed by Microsoft.

Halo Infinite has been confirmed to be one of the first titles that will be released for the next Xbox.

Microsoft didn’t release any details in terms of physical design and what we can expect the next Xbox console to look like, so we will have to wait for more information to be released.

No information in terms of pricing was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2019 keynote, with more details expected to be released as we get closer to the 2020 release window for the next console.

This announcement comes after Sony announced that it won’t be heading to E3 2019, and then released the first details for the next PlayStation. So it seems the two companies are gearing up to bring their next console offerings to the gaming market.

Are you an Xbox fan and does it make you excited that another console is coming from Microsoft? What would you like to see from the next console from Microsoft? Drop us a comment in the comments section below.

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