Famous YouTuber, Felix “PewDiePie”  Kjellberg has made a hilarious video roasting former South African president, Jacob Zuma.

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The video by PewDiePie, which at the time of writing this has garnered over 3 million views, specifically makes fun of Jacob Zuma’s (lack of) numeracy skills.

Entitled The president of South Africa’s Numbers, the video is pretty funny and simultaneously a little embarrassing. Asking his more than 96 million subscribers if they “have you heard about this guy? Does his face ring a bell?“. The video shows former president of South Africa dancing at an event for the African National Congress (ANC).

PewDiePie goes on to explain that Jacob Zuma’s number one enemy is numbers, as it is well-known and widely documented that the former South African president has issues with verbally communicating large numbers. As the video by PewDiePie shows, the Internet is littered with recordings of public speeches given by the former president of South Africa, where he completely stumbles when it comes to numbers. In his defense, English is not his first language, so it could be that he didn’t have a natural affinity to communicate numbers verbally in English. As a Swedish national, PewDiePie obviously understands this and the video should be taken as the joke it is intended to be.

PewDiePie recently lost his infamous battle against Bollywood music YouTube channel, T-Series, to become the first YouTube channel to reach 100 million subscribers. The “sub to PewDiePie” movement led to some serious drama for the YouTube star, which included a fan defacing a World War II memorial and the recent New Zeeland shooter mentioning the movement when he live-streamed his grotesque attacks.

Do you think the video mocking Jacob Zuma is funny? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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