Looking back at old pictures of yourself can be hard. Looking back at all the ugly phones you wasted your money on, can be even harder. Thanks to good branding, or marketing, or Jedi mind tricks, some cunning companies managed to convince us to buy some ugly phones back in the day.

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These are the ugly phones we regret ever to have owned or considered owning.

Nokia N-Gage

Ugly Phones

Marketed as a mobile perfectly suited for gamers (with no sense of style?), the Nokia N-Gage was one of those ugly phones that you didn’t quite know how to describe – was it a cell phone or handheld gaming console? 3-million units of these ugly phones ended up being sold, proving that looks aren’t always a consideration when it comes to devices.

Samsung SPH-N270 Matrix

Ugly Phones

Back in 2003 everyone wanted to escape the Matrix and join Neo and the others in freeing the human population from machine enslavement. Samsung decided to cash in on the craze and sadly created one of those ugly phones you’ll never admit to having owned.

Nokia 7280

Ugly Phones

How did people even use these ugly phones? Where were the buttons and where was the screen? Nokia obviously attempted something new with the 7280, but these ugly phones failed at being fashionable or functional

Motorola V100

Ugly Phones

There was a time when it was considered cool to be able to see your devices’ insides. The V100 was one of those ugly phones you could see straight into, with a semi-transparent cover. It looked and felt very cheap.

Siemens Xelibri 6

Ugly Phones

The early 2000s was a weird time for phone design, with some truly ugly phones being born during this time. The Xelibri 6 tried to take a risk in terms of design, but miserably failed. Ironically, these were part of the fashion-orientated phones Siemens released in the Xelibri range.

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Which ugly phones do you regret ever owning?