Some people listen to music to keep them company while doing something mundane like cleaning the house. Others prefer background shows to get them through tasks that might not need your full attention.

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These are some of our favourite background shows to put on while we do boring stuff.


Frasier is a classic and one of the best background shows. The reason why it’s one of the best background shows is because the episodes aren’t overly complicated and easy to follow, with the story being light and funny. Also, because it is so old chances are you’ve probably seen many of the episodes already, making it ideal to have on without having to pay major attention.


This Netflix Original is all about marijuana and one of the perfect background shows to have on when you want something chilled to keep you company.


The reason its one of the best background shows is because the chances are very high you’ve seen this popular show multiple times. Luckily its one of those awesome shows that is meant to be enjoyed repeatedly.

How It’s Made

You don’t have to pay much attention to How It’s Made to be able to keep up with its chilled pace, making it one of the most informative background shows out there. Maybe something will go in and you may have learned something without even realising it. The commentator’s voice is also so soothing, and not too distracting.


Futurama is one of those background shows that the people of Earth will probably watch until the year 3000. Many people on Reddit also agree that it is one of the background shows they regularly put on to fall asleep to.

Which are some of your favourite shows to watch in the background? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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