If you think of game consoles, Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch or Sony’s PlayStation 4 might be the firsts you think of. But not all the game consoles fair so well.

We took a look back at some other consoles that were GAME OVER quickly.

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Here are some of the consoles that did not manage to capture gamers’ attention.

3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Game Consoles

The 3DO might have been named TIME’s product of the year in 1993, but this console never quite cracked the market due to being overpriced during an oversaturated game consoles market. The 3DO has a very short lifespan of only 3 years (1993 -1996).

Virtual Boy

Game Console

With game consoles, the simpler is usually the better. The Virtual Boy didn’t follow this rule and was a clunky mess. Luckily it didn’t last long, with Nintendo releasing the Virtual Boy onto the market in 1995 and promptly pulling the plug in 1996.

Atari Jaguar

Game Consoles

Another one of the shortlived game consoles, the Atari Jaguar only lasted for 3 years between 1993 and 1996. This was Atari’s final failed attempt to crack the game consoles market.

Philips CD-i

Game Consoles

Hats off to Philips for its ambitious plans with its attempt to put gaming and home entertainment all into one device. The Philips CD-i was released in 1991 and had a long, rocky run until it was discontinued in 1998. Although it’s considered as one of the worst game consoles to ever exist, the CD-i did pave the way for other game consoles to integrate CD technology like the popular PlayStation franchise.

Apple Bandai Pippin

Game Consoles

The Pippin was another one of the multimedia systems that attempted to create an all-in-one entertainment system. However, the Pippin failed to compete with the other game consoles on the market and never managed to gain popularity.

Did you regret any of the game consoles you’ve purchased? Let us know in the comments section below.

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