The video streaming service has taken the world by storm, and is making bank big time. Many stars have been lucky enough to ride the Netflix wave, and have made millions off of movies from the streaming service, becoming some of the highest paid Netflix stars to date.

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These are the highest paid Netflix stars.

Ben Affleck

Amount: $8 million

Movie: Triple Frontier

He might be done with Batman, but that hasn’t stopped Ben Affleck from becoming one of the highest paid Netflix stars ever. Thanks to his successful new movie, Triple Frontier, which has been streamed more than 50 million times on Netflix, Ben Affleck is making millions off of the streaming service.

Gal Gadot

Amount: $20 million

Movie: Red Notice

All three of the Netflix stars in the upcoming movie, Red Notice will reportedly be making a lot of money. This includes Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, Dwayne Johnson is set to make millions more thanks to him also being a producer on the movie.

Ryan Reynolds

Amount: $27 million

Movie: Six Underground

His $20 million paycheck for the above movie, Red Notice, isn’t even the fattest one he is making off of a Netflix movie. Ryan Reynolds received millions for starring in the Michael Bay-directed movie, Six Underground.

Will Smith

Amount: $35 million

Movie: Bright 2

Will Smith is one of the highest paid Netflix stars, returning to reprise the role he first portrayed in the Netflix original movie, Bright.

Will Smith is set to earn a massive $35 million paycheck to return as a cop with an orc as a partner.

Adam Sandler

Amount: $250 million

Of all the highest paid Netflix stars, Adam Sandler reigns supreme. The comedian has cracked a pretty impressive deal with the streaming service, spanning over four movies, and earing him a smooth quarter of a billion dollars.

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