Some might believe that playing video games is bad for you or a waste of time. We think that video games have the potential to teach you an array of different skills and you could learn valuable life lessons from playing video games.

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These are some of the life lessons we’ve learned from playing video games.

Have A Safety Net

When playing video games like the classic arcade game, Pac-Man you get multiple lives, therefore, multiple opportunities to fail and try again.

Lesson in life: It’s good to have a safety net or backup for if something went wrong. This could include a different set of skills to pursue an alternative career path or a savings account you can dip into if there is an emergency or insurance for accidents. Playing video games that allow you to make mistakes and have the peace of mind that you have a backup life, has taught us that some preparation goes a long way to providing us with a sense of security in life.

It Gets Harder

Most video games start off chilled, to help ease players into the gameplay and give them time to learn how the mechanics of the game works. But as you progress, the difficulty increases.

Lesson in life: Not all life lessons learned from playing video games are easy. Life, like video games, gets harder the longer we live it. With new life experiences, comes new challenges. But what playing video games has taught us, is that the reward is so much sweeter if you had to work hard for it.

Remember The Big Picture

While playing video games, it is easy to get lost in the side quests. Luckily, most games draw you back to the main storyline, while still allowing you to explore and have some fun in side missions.

Lesson in life: Exploring different paths in life, is a great way to find your way and have some fun too. But it is important to also keep focusing back on the bigger picture and have long term goals you would like to accomplish in your life.

Have Pets

Games like Fallout 4 lets you have an animal companion that follows you around and can provide a great sense of comfort during late nights of playing video games.

Lesson in life: Many studies have concluded that it is good for humans to have pet companions, a lesson we can also learn from the compaionship offered by our virtual pets while playing video games.

Be A Team Player

Playing video games like World of Warcraft require players to work in teams in order to be successful.

Lesson in life: Being able to work well in a team or group is a vital life skill and one you can apply in your personal and professional life. Unless you want to be a complete recluse, you will need to be able to interact and work well with the billions of other people in the world. Playing video games could teach players this necessary life skill which can be applied in everyday life experiences.

Teach The Noobs

Everyone has to start playing video games somewhere and at one point, everyone was a noob. Learning from more experienced players is a great way to jack up your gaming skills.

Lesson in life: Sometimes people look up to our skills and we don’t even know it. By watching and learning from someone else, a newcomer could make great progress in whatever they are trying to achieve. So, if you’re particularly good at something, be open to being a teacher and leader for newcomers.

There are probably many more life lessons and skills you can learn from playing video games. Have you learned any valuable lessons from your gaming sessions? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you’ve learned from playing video games.

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