It’s been 3 years since Pokemon GO broke onto the mobile gaming market. Since then, a ton of Pokemon GO changes occurred, making the gaming better and improving on the overall experience.

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If you’ve perhaps stopped playing, or you’re new to the game, then you may not know that these 5 Pokemon GO changes evolved the game forever.


One of the biggest Pokemon GO changes was the introduction of various new items. New Pokemon GO items continue to be rolled out, making the game more interesting and challenging. Also, introducing cool Pokemon GO changes, like new items, give Trainers the incentives they sometimes new to return or continue playing the mobile game.

Some of the most exciting new items, that weren’t around during launch, include evolution items, with the Sinnoh stone currently appearing for a lot of Trainers.

Field and Special Research

Another great incentive to encourage Trainers to return or continue playing the mobile game, is the introduction of Field Research projects as well as Special Research. Both these give you fun tasks to complete in the game, and then win stuff like XP, Stardust, evolution items, etc.


The early days of Pokemon GO were pretty lonely. It was only until much later that Trainers were able to add others Trainers as friends.

Being able to become friends brought about other essential Pokemon GO changes like PvP battles and trading.

You’re also able to send daily gifts to your friends, and in return receive gifts, which include various items like PokeBalls, Revives, Stardust, etc. Also, it gives you XP when you send gifts to friends. Sending and receiving gifts, as well as battling in gyms together, increases your friendship levels. Reaching different friendship levels has its own incentives, for instance, the ability to trade Pokemon.

Gyms Are Better

Some of the best Pokemon GO changes have come to gyms. Gyms started off pretty basic, and only later become a fun activity in Pokemon GO.

Raid battles are probably one of the most significant Pokemon GO changes brought to gyms. You’re continuously alerted of raid battles happening in your area, which you can go attempt and possibly fill up your Pokedex with some cool Pokemon if you’re successful in beating the boss Pokemon.

More Pokemon

Ultimately, the mobile game is about catching Pokemon. So, consistently introducing new Pokemon into the game is one the most important Pokemon GO changes.

Currently, you have Pokemon from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. Players are obviously constantly seeking to fill up their Pokedexes, so increasing the amount of Pokemon you can register, gives the game an essential tool to keep currently Trainers returning to the game.

What are some of the Pokemon GO changes that were huge for you? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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