There is nothing like reaching into your bag or pocket to realise your phone has been stolen. Not only does a stolen phone cause you a huge financial loss, it can also cause anxiety due to the loss of data and the fear that someone might use your data or personal information. Also, it can be frustrating dealing with the admin of a having your phone stolen.

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Here are some steps to follow if you’ve been a victim of a stolen phone, to help ease you through this horrible experience.

Block The Stolen Phone

Be sure to know which procedure to follow to immediately block the stolen phone to disable it.

For iPhone: Lost Mode can be turned on using Find My iPhone. Lost Mode locks your iOS device, Apple Watch, or Mac so that others can’t access your personal information. It also tracks any changes to the location of your iOS device or Apple Watch.

Report The Stolen Phone To The Police

As soon as you can report the crime, you should. This is important not only for crime prevention, solving and reporting but also for insurance purposes. A crime has to be reported within 48 hours, but try to immediately do it before you forget and run into issues later.

Be sure to have your ID with you and proof of ownership of the stolen phone. You will be given a case number, which you must keep safe for referencing and for insurance claims.

Change All Your Passwords

Hopefully, you have all the protections already in place like a passcode, SIM code, fingerprint authentication, etc..

As an extra security measure, be sure to change all your passwords, for in case this information is accessible through the stolen phone.

Track The Stolen Phone

If you’ve installed Find My iPhone, Find My Device for Android or Samsung’s Find My Mobile service, you may be able to see the location of your missing phone.

Start Over

Stolen Phone

Now that you’ve accepted the fact that your stolen phone may never return, you’ll have to move onto a new phone. Perhaps you’ll want to get exactly the same model as your stolen phone or maybe you’d like to upgrade or switch devices. Factors to consider when choosing a new phone after your phone has been stolen or lost include whether or not you’ll want to set up a new phone from your stolen phone’s backup or whether you’ll want to start afresh.

Has your phone ever been stolen? Drop us a comment below and share your story.

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